minding my own business

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mind (one's) own business

To not interfere in someone else's affairs; to not pry or be nosy. Often used as an imperative. Mind your own business, will you? I can take care of my problems just fine. I really wish she would mind her own business and stop asking me about my finances. So there I was, minding my own business, when the security guard comes over and starts asking me all kinds of questions.
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(I'm just) minding my own business.

Fig. an answer to a greeting inquiry asking what one is doing. (This answer also can carry the implication "Since I am minding my own business, why aren't you minding your own business?") Tom: Hey, man, what are you doing? Bill: Minding my own business. See you around. Sue: Hi, Mary. What have you been doing? Mary: I'm just minding my own business and trying to keep out of trouble.
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Bonnee O'Connor, 13, said: "I was minding my own business when I heard loud bangs and felt a stinging pain in my cheek.
was minding my own business in a local hostelry last week when a bloke who'd had one to many sherbets staggered up to me.
2.Still minding my own business - and trying to ignore the large man in the hard hat