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On the second farm (Farm B), the milking process was performed with a total of eight AMS in four barns which were independent of each other.
The cows with delayed milking were brought to milking four times a day (at 09: 00, 15: 00, 21: 00 and 03: 00).
A total of six troughs were placed in the resting, feeding, waiting areas and separation pen after milking, and three scratching brushes were placed in the feeding area.
On Farm C, unlike on Farm B, milking was performed with AMS in two symmetrical, independent barns.
The cows with delayed milking were brought in for milking four times a day (at 09: 00, 15: 00, 21: 00 and 03: 00).
The resting areas, milking waiting area, milking exit area and crossover gates were cleaned twice a day.
* The time spent milking per cow each day (h/cow day);
Effect of milking frequency in early lactation on energy metabolism, milk production and reproductive performance of dairy cows.
Fixed yield responses to increased milking frequency.
Effect of milking interval on secretion rate and composition of camel milk in late lactation.
[18.] Pearson RE, Fulton LA, Thompson PD, Smith JW Three times a day milking during the first half oflactation.
Milking three times a day: Farm management service (FMI).
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It is recommended to provide the balanced feeds and fodders to the milking animals to improve the quantity and quality of milk.
The effect of a mixed-management system on the release of oxytocin, prolactin and cortisol in ewes during suckling and machine milking. Reprod.