Midas touch, the

Midas touch

1. The ability to easily turn a large profit. The new sales rep seemed to have the Midas touch, turning every lead she found into a sale.
2. The ability to produce successful results. The young football couch had the Midas touch as he led his undefeated team through a perfect season.
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the Midas touch

the ability to make money out of anything that you undertake.
In classical legend, Midas was a king of Phrygia (in Asia Minor) who had the power to turn everything he touched into gold.
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the ˈMidas touch

the ability to be very successful in making money: Stephanie has the Midas touch — she makes lots of money whatever she does.In Greek legend, whatever King Midas touched turned to gold.
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Midas touch, the

The ability to make any undertaking extremely profitable. According to legend, Midas, King of Phrygia, asked the gods that everything he touched would turn into gold. Dionysus granted his request, but when the very food Midas wished to eat turned to gold, he asked the gods to take back their gift. Dionysus then ordered Midas to bathe in the River Pactolus, thereby washing away the gift. By the seventeenth century the idea was applied figuratively to any person with a gift for making money. See also rich as Croesus.
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In this book, our second together, we share what gives us the Midas Touch, the ability to turn the things we touch into gold, and how you can have it too," state Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki in “Midas Touch.”
All that could change today when Midas Touch, the mount of Johnny Murtagh (seeking a third Derrinstown win and a first in the race for O'Brien), makes his first appearance since finishing fourth in the Group 1 Criterium International at Saint-Cloud in November.