Mickey Finn

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a Mickey Finn

A drug that is used to incapacitate someone or render them unconscious, most often put in someone's drink without them knowing. Please be careful—it's scarily easy for someone to slip you a Mickey Finn at big parties like that. The victim of the robbery stated that the suspect had put a Mickey Finn in his drink while they were at the bar.
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Mickey (Finn)

1. n. a drink containing chloral hydrate; a drink containing a fast-acting laxative. He slipped her a Mickey Finn, but she switched glasses.
2. n. chloral hydrate as put in drinks to knock people out. There was a Mickey Finn in this drink, wasn’t there?
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"Mickey Finn is obviously one of Birmingham's favourite DJs and for this one-off event, he is teamed with two of the country's finest, Shadow Demon MC's and Bassman," said Mistress Mo, who also performs on the night.
Mickey Finn's is a neighborhood brewery producing ales & lagers & offering a family-friendly menu & regular live music.
Mickey Finn's son Sean, centre, with his photograph, organiser John Martin and comedians at last night's tribute show
Mickey Finn one of the acts appearing at the Greenroom
I was surprised - apart from several tubes, he looked like the old Mickey Finn I know and love.
There will then be a cabaret night at Liverpool Taxi Drivers Club, Cherry Lane, Walton, featuring comedians Mickey Finn and Frankie Alan.
For late-night entertainment, visit Austin's Fuel Room or Mickey Finn's.
LIVERPOOL comics are coming together to support legendary comedian Mickey Finn, who is battling a serious illness.
Organised by Kim Elliot, the event was a huge success and was attended by consultant Paul Skaiffe, with entertainment provided by "The Laugh Pack", Mickey Finn, Hal Nolan and Frankie Allen.
The old skool curveballs come from Altern8, while jungle sounds come from Mickey Finn.
Other brewers in attendance included Babble Homebrewers, Bosacki's Home Brew, Buffalo Creek Brewing, Lake Bluff Brewing Company, Light the Lamp Brewery, Half Day Brewery, The Kings and Convicts Brewing Company, North Urban Brewing Society, Only Child Brewing, Ravinia Brewing, Roaring Table Brewing, Zumbier Brewing and Mickey Finn's Brewery.
Rigor mortis sets in, not only for the departed, but also for the cast: Lindzi Germain as (merry) widow Maggie; Jennifer Bea as daughter Lisa; Michael Swift, Warren Donnelly and Tony James as Rocky''s mates, Bumper, Dazzler and Plonk - and no, they''re not Christmas reindeer - and not least, veteran comic Mickey Finn as the granddad from hell.
Ennio Marchetto will be joined by former Phoenix Nights' Dave Spikey and Liverpool actors Pauline Daniels and Mickey Finn at the eightday event opening on Friday.
Rodney P, Skitz, Aphrodite and Mickey Finn are tonight's providers of turntable wizardry .
* Visit Libertyville's popular Celtic restaurant and brewery Mickey Finn's for a weekend full of St.