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Mexican standoff

slang An impasse, deadlock, or stalemate from which no party involved will or can emerge victorious. Also written "stand-off." (Note: This phrase may be considered offensive to Mexicans or those of Mexican heritage.) Primarily heard in US. No one on the board of directors was willing to compromise their position on the issue, and with each of us having veto power, it looked like we were heading into a Mexican standoff.
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Mexican overdrive

the neutral gear position used when coasting downhill. US informal
This expression originated in the mid 20th century, especially in language used by long-distance truck drivers.
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Mexican breakfast

n. a cigarette and a cup of coffee or a glass of water. After a Mexican breakfast, I went to Marlowe’s hotel hoping to catch him before he went out.
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Confident they would enjoy the bulk of the crowd's support even while playing in the United States, and with the talismanic Sanchez at the helm and its stars recalled from Europe for the game, the Mexicans had conditioned themselves to believe victory was inevitable.
The strength of the Mexican economy right now is driving this trend.
This reviewer found the chapters on the plague and the Simons brickyard particularly moving, for they captured how ethnic erasure and ethnic bordering (the process through which Mexicans were controlled and contained) impacted the lives and deaths of ordinary Mexicans.
At the very onset of Mexican Baptist history in Texas, Mexicans who came to faith in the newly established Texas Republic became members of both Mexican Baptist congregations and Anglo Baptist congregations in Texas.
When the Mexicans came for Confession, however, what they did was tell stories.
The plan--which would, in effect, grant amnesty to more than 4 million Mexicans now living illegally in the United States--was part of an effort to smooth relations between the two countries.
Similarly, the United States has conducted environmental assessments in its border states, but this is yet to be done in the Mexican border states.
While only the names, addresses, birthplaces, and birthdates of voters are thought to be included in the voting data obtained by ChoicePoint, drivers' license records contain home telephone numbers for six million Mexicans.
And last fall, Cisneros was one of 100 immigrants from across the nation elected by Mexicans and Mexican Americans to the advisory council of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad.
And the idea of crowds of Mexicans crossing the border to shop in San Diego is a pipe-dream.
Supporting the latter interpretation is the fact that the Mexicans did not request IMF support until the first week of January.
The result was an economic contraction that cut inflation but also reduced growth and left many Mexicans resentful of the government and suspicious of economic reform.
Continent-wide marketing campaigns can be conceived in San Francisco, Atlanta, or Toronto, but in Mexico they must be executed to reflect the lifestyle and mores of Mexicans.