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mesh together

To fit, blend, or join together easily or acceptably. Your testimony and the story you gave police on the night of the incident don't mesh together, Mrs. Jenkins. I just didn't mesh with together very well, you know? Our interests were too different, so we didn't have much in common to talk about. The incredibly art style and haunting story mesh together to create one of the most stunning cinematic experiences of the last 10 years.
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mesh with (someone or something)

To fit easily, believably, or acceptably with something else. Your testimony doesn't mesh with what you told police officers on the night of the incident. I'm afraid your ideas for the company's future just don't mesh with our long-term goals. I just didn't mesh with her, you know? Our interests were too different, so we didn't have much in common.
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mesh together

to fit together. Their interests and personalities mesh together perfectly. Their ideas don't mesh together too well.
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These "multi-star" network topologies -- coupled with VoIP deployments -- are contributing to increased meshed traffic.
To respond to the need for efficient and cost-effective optimization of meshed flows, Ipanema has created the cooperative tele-optimization function.
With the deployment of VoIP, using traffic shaping approaches to optimize meshed traffic is either ineffective or cumbersome and expensive," said Vargha Moayed, executive vice president of Ipanema Technologies.
It is extremely price competitive: up to six times cheaper that comparable solutions using traditional traffic shaping that requires a device at each site to manage meshed flows.