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mere mortal

A human, and therefore capable of mistakes. The phrase emphasizes someone's humanity and fallibility. I have to make my expectations more realistic and realize that she's a mere mortal. Presidents are bound to make mistakes—they're mere mortals, just like the rest of us.
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when (one) was a twinkle in (one's) father's eye

Before one was born. I never knew my grandparents—they died when I was a twinkle in my father's eye.
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mere trifle

Fig. a tiny bit; a small, unimportant matter; a small amount of money. But this isn't expensive! It costs a mere trifle!
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References in classic literature ?
It's a mean piece of business," complained the mere boy.
The mere boy relapsed into a period of gloom, during which he exterminated a number of cock-tails with a determined air, as if replying defiantly to fate.
After a time the mere boy began to see cobwebs just in front of his nose.
Great Gawd, what hava struck," demanded the mere boy of himself, stupefied.
The Macquarie figures in the map as a respectable river, and it is the largest of those draining this part of the water-shed; yet to my surprise I found it a mere chain of ponds, separated from each other by spaces almost dry.
All the foregoing rules and aids and difficulties in classification are explained, if I do not greatly deceive myself, on the view that the natural system is founded on descent with modification; that the characters which naturalists consider as showing true affinity between any two or more species, are those which have been inherited from a common parent, and, in so far, all true classification is genealogical; that community of descent is the hidden bond which naturalists have been unconsciously seeking, and not some unknown plan of creation, or the enunciation of general propositions, and the mere putting together and separating objects more or less alike.
We care not how trifling a character may be--let it be the mere inflection of the angle of the jaw, the manner in which an insect's wing is folded, whether the skin be covered by hair or feathers--if it prevail throughout many and different species, especially those having very different habits of life, it assumes high value; for we can account for its presence in so many forms with such different habits, only by its inheritance from a common parent.
These things are not mere thoughts of yours, but your thought stands in a relation to them of which you are more or less aware.
Those who still cling to it are clinging to a mere echo, the faint rumour left behind by the disappearing
A mere trick of his evil eyes, a mere turn of his smooth white hand, a mere hair's- breadth of addition to the fall of his nose and the rise of the moustache in the most frequent movement of his face, conveyed to both of them, equally, a swagger personal to themselves.
Little Dorrit, still habitually thoughtful and solitary though no longer alone, at first supposed this to be mere Prunes and Prism.
Ce cri de detresse lancee par ces meres n'a malheureusement pas trouve d'echo aupres du chef du gouvernement, Youssef Chahed", a regrette, la Presidente de l'association, Fatma Kasaraoui.
dans le soutien et l'accompagnement des meres allaitantes afin d'assurer une lactation optimale ; Impliquer les medias audiovisuels, presse ecrite dans la promotion, le soutien et l'accompagnement des meres allaitantes.
Elle contribuera a mettra fin a cette "rupture" affective qui se produit entre les meres et leurs enfants malades obliges a rester loin de leurs familles a cause de leur hospitalisation, tout en offrant un environnement rassurant, convivial et propice a la guerison des petits patients hospitalises.
La date de la fete des Meres varie d'un pays a l'autre, mais la majorite d'entre eux ont choisi de la celebrer en mars et dans le monde arabe, precisement dans le 21 (temps de saision ).