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Least said, soonest mended.

proverb An unfortunate or painful event, situation, or memory will be forgotten (and thus mended in one's mind) more easily if it is not discussed. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. A: "I can't believe I lost so much money on that investment." B: "Ah well, least said, soonest mended."
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mend (one's) fences

To rectify a damaged relationship. After Jill heard that her father had become ill, she decided it was time for them to mend their fences before it was too late. The politician tried to mend his fences with his constituents after the scandal, but was not able to regain their trust before the next election.
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mend (one's) pace

old-fashioned To begin moving faster, especially to meet the speed of another person. Noticing me behind him, the man mended his pace, and I mended mine, until we both began running through the crowded alleyways.
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mend (one's) ways

To start behaving in a different, usually preferable, way. After I got in yet another fight at school, the headmaster told me that I had to mend my ways or else I'd be expelled. No matter how old you are, there is still time to mend your ways.
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least said, soonest mended

If someone says least said, soonest mended, they mean that it is best not to say too much about something bad that has happened. I didn't mention the matter again. Least said, soonest mended is what I always say.
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least said, soonest mended

a difficult situation will be resolved more quickly if there is no more discussion of it.
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ˌleast ˈsaid ˌsoonest ˈmended

(British English, saying) a bad situation will pass or be forgotten most quickly if nothing more is said about it: She’s still very angry, of course, but if you ask me it’s a case of least said soonest mended.
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