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give (one) a melvin

To yank one's underwear up from behind until it is wedged between their buttocks, typically done as a prank; to give one a wedgie. I these pants I'm wearing are giving me a melvin while I walk. The group of bullies gave him such a bad melvin that he could barely walk.
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A maneuver in which someone's underwear is yanked up from behind until it is wedged between their buttocks, typically as a prank; a wedgie. I don't know if it's the pants I'm wearing or the underwear, but I keep getting a melvin while I walk. The group of bullies gave him such a bad melvin that he could barely walk.
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give someone a melvin

tv. to jerk up someone’s pants or underwear, drawing the fabric up sharply between the buttocks. (It is assumed that some geek named Melvin goes about with his underwear in this uncomfortable position.) Tom came up behind Fred and, with a deft motion, gave Fred a melvin that he would never forget.
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1. n. a studious or unattractive male. (Teens and collegiate.) Do you think I would go out with that melvin?
2. n. a situation where one’s underpants ride up high between the buttocks. (see also give someone a melvin.) How could anybody go around all day with a melvin like that?
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Also how the fair bride was married from the house of Hamilton Veneering, Esquire, of Stucconia, and was given away by Melvin Twemlow, Esquire, of Duke Street, St James's, second cousin to Lord Snigsworth, of Snigsworthy Park.
The day was waking up and so was Melvin. At the age of eleven years old, his work was cut out for him.
One morning, the heroine of the novel, well-known author Amelie Nothomb, receives a letter from one of her readers--an American soldier stationed in Iraq named Melvin Mapple.
Oakland A's manager Bob Melvin received a two-year contract extension on Monday that takes him through the 2016 season.
LUNENBURG - Inspired by their love for their children, Danielle and Joshua Melvin of Lunenburg took a leap of faith and started a business, Family First Apparel, selling T-shirts that promote the importance of family.
Brian Melvin, Douglas County Search and Rescue Operations coordinator, was at Winchester Bay on the coast when he got the call.
Julie Urwin watched helplessly as her father, Melvin, was ravaged by mesothelioma just three months after being diagnosed with the lung disease.
at 12, Alexi Melvin took her first steps into the modeling world.
Al Melvin (R-Tucson) has proposed locating a nuclear waste processing plant and burial site in the state, an initiative he says would raise $100 million that could be dedicated to Arizona schools.
OAKLAND A's manager Bob Melvin has just closed on a Soho loft for $2.375 million.
Neil John Melvin, Director of the Program on Armed Conflict and Conflict Management at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, reported the president's press service.
Melvin, executive managing director of Aon Benfield in Florham Park, N.J., has the solid foundation in various fundamentals that impresses clients.
Chong, from Sarawak, had masturbated in front of a camera at the request of an online friend known as Melvin.
Levy, CEO and President of YAI/NIPD, Melvin Williams, and CC Sabathia.