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CARDIGAN JULY 3 PRIME LAMBS (526): A good entry of lambs forward saw the best meated types reach 214p (PS94) from Davies, Cwmporthman; whilst heavyweights topped at PS97.
Well-bred meated lambs 40kg plans all over 215p, peaking at 234p/kg (PS99 42.
CARDIGAN JUNE 12 PRIME LAMBS (321): Topping at an incredible 246p were meated continentals from Edwards, Llysrheiniy, the ideal specification for our supermarket buyers.
Meated and quality types still in good demand, however there are various odds and ends about which does depress the overall average.
Evenly drawn meated lambs 39kg and over selling to keen demand to a top of 207p/kg (PS83.
The best meated sheep continue to sell to a premium with top selling of 197p/kg for smart Texels from MR Smith selling 43.