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in Dickie's meadow

In danger. Primarily heard in UK. I knew I was in Dickie's meadow when I found myself between the mother bear and her cub.
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meadow muffin

n. a mass of cow dung. Jill stepped in a meadow muffin while she was bird-watching.
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Conwy Valley based botanical specialist, Dr Trevor Dines, said: "The sheer number of street names relating to meadows speaks of a time when the meadow was the beating heart of the community, providing grazing and hay for livestock as well as employment and food.
Meadows Office Interiors' dedicated service division, Meadows Service Group, will be based at this new facility.
Every year, more and more meadows are lost through ploughing, fertilising, neglect, change of land use and development.
That led to the reserve being selected for the Coronation Meadows Project, which happened after Plantlife published Our Vanishing Flora in 2012, a report highlighting the loss of wild flowers from individual counties across Britain since the Coronation.
They included annual meadows, which have a mix of native and non-native plant species that flower for one year, and perennial meadows, which have only native species.
Millions of acres have been lost, with only a tiny 2% of the meadows and grasslands that existed in the 1930s still remaining.
Meadows served his country in both World War II and the Korean War as an officer in the U.
This is an injustice here," Meadows told Lane County Circuit Judge Maurice Merten, adding that the victim was "a good friend" and "like a sister to me.
Green Meadows argued that the tax code specifically exempts manufactured housing held for sale or storage by a dealer, and that as a dealer it could not be taxed for the housing units it owns.
Meadows, 30, will compete for a middle-to-long relief job that might include the occasional spot start.
Don Meadows, former editor of TAPPI JOURNAL, is editor/writer at CDC's National Center for Environmental Health and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Finally on Sunday, May 18, 2003, 1,000 people gathered on the Deer Meadows campus to officially honor 52 brave male and female veterans, who represented every branch of the armed forces.
ONE DAY LAST year Sandy Meadows, who supervises the floral department at an Albertson's grocery store in Baton Rouge, was helping out at another Albertson's that had lost its florist.
If the show's title is read phonetically (to become animalize), Meadows could be seen to animalize his earlier DIY geometric formalism, in which part of the visual excitement pivoted on a "pop-up" effect.