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go to the mattresses

To enter into or prepare for a lengthy war, battle, or conflict; to adopt a combative or warlike position. While the true origin is uncertain, the phrase was popularized in English by The Godfather novel and films, where it referred to warring mafia families housing their soldiers in small, secure apartments to await orders. While Republicans have shown some flexibility over other contentious issues, it looks as though they're ready to go to the mattresses over the issue of gun control. We'll go to the mattresses if that's what it takes to defend ourselves!
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mattress mambo

slang An act or instance of sexual intercourse. After flirting at the bar for a while, we went back to my place for a little bit of mattress mambo. My roommate's girlfriend is in town for the weekend, and I've had to listen to them doing the mattress mambo every since she got here.
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mattress mambo

n. an act of copulation. (Contrived.) I get my exercise doing the mattress mambo.
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At homes too, residents very rarely give mattresses a thought, with the result that they are the most unhygienic spaces around us.
Travelling around housing estates we often see the "man in the van" selling mattresses, bargains that are too good to miss.
HYGIENE HORRORS MATTRESSES don't just become flattened versions of their former selves as time goes by - they can also become 'hot beds of bacteria'.
He said he used to go along with it, and "design" mattresses for those who prefer boys in blue and those wanting girls in pink.
Not only do most mattresses look alike, but their essence -- the components that distinguish well-made models from lesser ones -- is hidden.
Because so many mattresses are sold under private labels, it's tough for customers to price shop, he says.
Connecticut's recycling program is intended to be funded through a per-item fee collected when mattresses are sold.
But then a team in New York smashed the previous tally by toppling 380 mattresses.
And never before has there been so much choice when it comes to choosing a mattress - from memory foam mattresses that can respond to your body temperature, to ones that neutralise ion imbalances.
Mattresses start at just less than $1,300 and top out at about $3,500.
Given this wide range of materials, mattresses have typically been difficult to recycle--and still most municipal recycling facilities won't offer to do it for you.
"Mattresses are pro- bably the single most difficult thing to recycle," says Greg Conigli-aro, the company's founder and president.
Old mattresses are heavy, uncomfortable and bad for your back.
However, they noted that older mattresses that may be softer, but do not conform to the body, are not recommended.
PATIENTS at City Hospital are set to get a better night's sleep after hundreds of mattresses were replaced.