mash up

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mash up (something)

1. To crush or smash something into dust or paste. To start, mash up the avocadoes until they are completely smooth, then begin mixing in the tomatoes, onions, and lime juice.
2. To combine two songs or recordings to create a single audio track. He became very popular for the clever way he mashes up classical music and gangster rap.
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mash something up

to crush something into a paste or pieces. Mash the potatoes up and put them in a bowl. Mash up the potatoes and serve them to our guests.
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mash up

1. To combine some recordings to produce a composite recording: The DJ mashed popular songs up. The DJ mashed up two songs by The Beatles. The DJ mashed the popular song up with an old blues song.
2. To mash something completely: The cook mashed up the potatoes. I threw the turnips into a bowl and mashed them up.
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SOME people think Mash ups are lazy and destroy good tracks.
Our research definitely substantiates that mash ups have huge implications to business applications," said John F.
Iconator allows a marketer to take a brand - whether it's a, movie, band, social network or whatever - and moderate mash ups of icons, avatars and wallpapers by the community C* and these artistic bits of pop culture then get shared and wind up in buddy lists.
Dion Hinchcliff, founder & CTO, Hinchcliffe & Company: Software-as-a-Service and mash ups as a way to consume enterprise software