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While pure gold fiducial markers continue to be profitable, demand for metal-based fiducial markers is also foreseen to scale new heights owing to their ability in providing superior accuracy in target delivery of beam of radiation.
'The earliest predecessor of the NHCP was the Philippine Historical Research and Markers Committee [PHRMC].
The marker makes it tangible,' she said at the sidelines of a three-day language summit being held at the University of the Philippines Baguio.
The prime minister unveiled a plaque of the Jamsheed Marker Hall at the event which was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pay tribute to the late ambassador who passed away recently in Karachi at the age of 95.
Total 32 cases (18 children and 12 adults) expressed cross lineage aberrant markers, CD13, CD33 and CD7.
Because liposomes are currently being investigated as reference particles for EV measurements (9), we also studied whether generic markers stained liposomes.
To examine genepool differences multilocus microsatellite markers have widely been used in domestic animals (Stolpovskii et al., 2010 a).
Visitors can also take a virtual tour of historical markers around the state.
In order to locate markers that were close enough to H33, Williams and her colleagues devised an unusual strategy aided by high-throughput DNA sequencing to target their search to a small region of the chromosome that contained the resistance gene.
We expect that these markers and the linkage maps would be valuable for identifying markers associated with important traits of interest and improving the breeding efficiency in this important orchid.
When only 2 stitches remain between the markers (with the beg-of-rnd marker between them), remove all m except beg-of-rnd m.
To get active camera tracking, the markers must be placed at positions that are visible from as wide an area as possible, for example on ceiling support pillars or at aisle crossings.
The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of non-unique marker on marker-assisted introgression efficiency to compare the effects of the flanking markers selection and MBLUP selection on marker-assisted introgression efficiency, and to provide the reference for implementing marker-assisted introgression in practice.
Mother, Teacher, and Creator, Kim Karlberg was tired of spending money on markers that dried up too quickly because the cap was not secured.
Roadside New Mexico: A Guide to Historic Markers, Revised and Expanded Edition