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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

An exclamation of shock, surprise, or exasperation. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Don't sneak up on me like that—you scared me half to death! I mean, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Does my boss expect me to be on the clock 24 hours a day?
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Marie Celeste

A place, location, or high-occupancy vehicle (especially a ship) that is inexplicably deserted or abandoned. An allusion to the Mary Celeste, an American merchant brigantine that was discovered floating off the Azores Islands in 1872 with no one on board and still in seaworthy condition. (Note: The variant spelling of "Marie" is the more common usage for the idiomatic reference, likely due to its use in a story by Arthur Conan Doyle.) We came upon a house in the woods, empty as the Marie Celeste, but left otherwise untouched.

sweet Mary, mother of God

An exclamation of alarm, amazement, or exasperation. (Could be considered blasphemous to some.) Sweet Mary, mother of God, I thought that car was going to hit me! Oh, sweet Mary, mother of God, could you work any slower?
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typhoid Mary

A carrier or spreader of misfortune, as in I swear he's a typhoid Mary; everything at the office has gone wrong since he was hired . This expression alludes to a real person, Mary Manson, who died in 1938. An Irish-born servant, she transmitted typhoid fever to others and was referred to as "typhoid Mary" from the early 1900s. The term was broadened to other carriers of calamity in the mid-1900s.
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Typhoid Mary

You can describe someone as Typhoid Mary if they bring bad luck or harm to other people. After the relationship ended, she became a Typhoid Mary, spoiling the romantic lives of everyone around her. Note: Typhoid Mary was a cook who spread the disease typhoid to several hospitals that she worked in, though she never became ill herself.
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Mary Jane

1. and Mary J. and Maryjane n. marijuana. (see also jane.) I can’t live another day without Mary Jane!
2. n. a plain-looking girl. She’s just a Mary Jane and will never be a glamour girl.
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Mary J.

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During the golden age of plant hunting Charles Maries (above) scoured the Far East for exotic plants to bring back to England and (left) the village of Hampton Lucy
In a tight first half, St Maries held a narrow 16-12 advantage, with tries from Martin Biggins, James Rowlands and Polutele, and two goals from Darren McKinnon and Ian Scott.
RALLYING CALL: County president Rob Maries (left) and acting team manager Aubrey Brookhouse want more support for their teams.
If we could get a win tomorrow and then pick up the points at Egremont a week later, the match against Widnes St Maries assumes massive importance.
Former Giants Academy man Mick Bostock will make a return from injury tomorrow as the Sharks look to secure a vital two points at home to Widnes St Maries in Division II of the National Conference League (2.
WIDNES St Maries will move a step closer to achieving their dream this week.
24pm: 9-4 Maries Flyer, 7-2 Knockevan Hollie, Louisville, 9-2 Scadna, 5
The 19 year-old Widnes St Maries centre played six games for the Vikings Under 21s at the end of last season and will become a permanent member of the junior setup for Super League IX.
Young's Maries Flyer is also showing cracking pace in the latter stages of her races and this fawn daughter of Lassa Java could have the edge from trap five in the 11.
The discipline on both sides was generally good though St Maries did have a man sent off for a high shot in the first half.
However, if they manage to quickly re-discover the form they showed in the opening stages against St Maries, this weekend's visitors could feel a massive backlash.
Rink scores against Surrey: Roy Cook, Brian Hunt, Richard Gaunt, Gareth Willcock (21-25), Collin Baldwin, Arnold Goad, Alan Evans, Mike Gilks (19-23), Brian Lindley, Dennis Ward, George Paris, Rob Maries (15-24), Ken Tredgold Mike Brayne, Roger Eaton, Roy Swift, (11-27), Bill Mather, Stewart Barton, Tony Dunne, Phil Green (10-29), Graham O'Donohue, Dennis Wilkinson, David Goodman, Dave Cooke (19-13).
Maries sawmill will curtail operations in late May and the first part of June to complete work on upgrades of the plant and equipment for the purpose of improving quality and productivity.
And they were well backed up by Dick Allison, Dale Goodman, Keith Shuttleworth and Rob Maries, who were good value for their 22-13 win.