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Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

An exclamation of shock, surprise, or exasperation. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Don't sneak up on me like that—you scared me half to death! I mean, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Does my boss expect me to be on the clock 24 hours a day?
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Marie Celeste

A place, location, or high-occupancy vehicle (especially a ship) that is inexplicably deserted or abandoned. An allusion to the Mary Celeste, an American merchant brigantine that was discovered floating off the Azores Islands in 1872 with no one on board and still in seaworthy condition. (Note: The variant spelling of "Marie" is the more common usage for the idiomatic reference, likely due to its use in a story by Arthur Conan Doyle.) We came upon a house in the woods, empty as the Marie Celeste, but left otherwise untouched.

sweet Mary, mother of God

An exclamation of alarm, amazement, or exasperation. (Could be considered blasphemous to some.) Sweet Mary, mother of God, I thought that car was going to hit me! Oh, sweet Mary, mother of God, could you work any slower?
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Mary Sue

In film and literature, an idealized female character who is exceptionally talented in a number of areas despite not having had the training or experience to realistically acquire such talents. The use of such a character is often seen as a method of author wish-fulfillment. The term was first used in this way by writer Paula Smith in 1973. Whether Rey from Star Wars is a Mary Sue has been a topic of debate.
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Typhoid Mary

A person, especially a woman, who spreads misery or ill fortune to other people or endeavors. A reference to the epithet of Mary Malon, a cook who was thought to have infected 22 people with typhoid fever from 1900-1907 as an asymptomatic carrier. You treat me like I'm some kind of Typhoid Mary, but it's only your mismanagement that has brought ruin to this farm. After yet another company where she worked went bankrupt, Janet began to feel like something of a Typhoid Mary.
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Mary J

slang Marijuana. Hey man, you know where we can score some Mary J around here? I only smoke Mary J on my own, because I get really paranoid around other people.
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Mary Jane

slang Marijuana. Hey man, you know where we can score some Mary Jane around here? I only smoke Mary Jane on my own, because I get really paranoid around other people.
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typhoid Mary

A carrier or spreader of misfortune, as in I swear he's a typhoid Mary; everything at the office has gone wrong since he was hired . This expression alludes to a real person, Mary Manson, who died in 1938. An Irish-born servant, she transmitted typhoid fever to others and was referred to as "typhoid Mary" from the early 1900s. The term was broadened to other carriers of calamity in the mid-1900s.
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Typhoid Mary

You can describe someone as Typhoid Mary if they bring bad luck or harm to other people. After the relationship ended, she became a Typhoid Mary, spoiling the romantic lives of everyone around her. Note: Typhoid Mary was a cook who spread the disease typhoid to several hospitals that she worked in, though she never became ill herself.
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Mary Jane

1. and Mary J. and Maryjane n. marijuana. (see also jane.) I can’t live another day without Mary Jane!
2. n. a plain-looking girl. She’s just a Mary Jane and will never be a glamour girl.
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Mary J.

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hail Mary pass

A maneuver tried against heavy odds. This term originated in football, where it means a last-ditch attempt to score because time is running out. The name comes from the familiar prayer beginning with “Hail Mary” and alludes to the fact that the passer is, in effect, praying that his throw will succeed. A famous example occurred in 1984, when Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie threw a long pass into Miami’s end zone. It was caught by his roommate, Gerard Phelan, for a touchdown that put Boston into the 1985 Cotton Bowl. The term soon was transferred to other long-shot maneuvers. In the Persian Gulf War of 1991, Allied troops were lined up on Saudi soil, and between them and Kuwait City stood the entire Iraqi force. A French battalion, making a wide arc around both lines, moved some 150 miles behind the Iraqis and mounted a successful attack that in effect ended the war. In the press conference that followed, Allied commander Schwartzkopf called the maneuver “a Hail Mary play.”
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Par ailleurs, depuis 1989, les couples maries du Quebec se voient automatiquement imposes le partage du patrimoine familial a la suite de la dissolution du lien matrimonial (10), contrairement a la Colombie-Britannique oU les couples peuvent librement choisir leur regime matrimonial (11).
Au debut du siecle, il est inconcevable pour les maries de porter une piece de vetement qui ne soit pas neuve.
Avant de commencer les rites du mariage, le pretre demande aux maries de monter dans le choeur et il les place debout, devant l'assistance, pour signifier davantage que le geste qu'ils vont poser les engage devant toute l'Eglise(23) .
Marie's economy caused by the Algoma labor dispute is also affecting the overall sales of electricity.
Le marie, Zaradesht Moustafa Fatimi, est membre d'un parti kurde, issu d'une famille puissante et tres impliquee dans l'administration semi-autonome kurde situee au nord de la Syrie, a ajoute la meme source.
.IN response to Jean Maries letter about the condition of Beatles sites, I completely agree after visiting Strawberry Field to mark the 50th anniversary of the band getting together.
After years of success, April Bullock, owner of Eve Maries, decided to bring her eye for fashion to the beach.
In the Essex game Graham O'Donohue, Brian Wheeler, Derek Bidwell and Rob Maries were level pegging at ten ends, 13-11 ahead after 15 and then had much the better of the remaining exchanges to check out with a 26-13 victory.
Service on Thursday, 12th July at 1pm in Stow Maries Parish Church, Essex CM3 6SL.
In the third round of the Carnegie Challenge Cup Widnes will visit Normanton Knights while Widnes St Maries go to Batley.
Speakers at the event, on Kingsbury Road, Castle Bromwich, include former Spitfire pilot Eric Carter and John Maries from the Jaguar Herit age Trust.
Members of RAFA and the Spitfire Association will listen to speakers including Eric Carter, a former Spitfire Pilot, and John Maries from Jaguar Heritage Trust, who will talk about the history of the site.
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