man of straw

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man of straw

A weak person. "A straw man" is sometimes used as a variant. She thought he was strong and honest, but he turned out to be nothing more than a man of straw.
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a man of straw


a straw man

A man of straw is a man whose character is weak and who lacks definite beliefs. The party is run by men of straw without guts and without principles. Note: In journalism, people also talk about straw men. This form of the expression is used in both British and American English. These are the responses of straw men with straw policies.
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man of straw (or straw man)

1 a person compared to an effigy stuffed with straw; a sham. 2 a sham argument set up to be defeated, usually as a means of avoiding having to tackle an opponent's real arguments.
2 1991 Past & Present By making the representativeness of the case-studies into the crucial issue, Rubinstein is erecting a straw man which he can easily demolish without addressing the basic criticisms of his sources and methodology.
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a ˌman of ˈstraw

a weak or cowardly person: You don’t need to be frightened of him — he’s a man of straw.
This idiom compares a person to a model of a man filled with straw (= stems of grain plants such as wheat, etc. that have been cut and dried).
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Depute fiscal Ron Phillips said: "He is effectively a man of straw. The money he embezzled, he lost."
But he is a man of straw compared to Brown's granite.
And if we'd kept up the pressure the Man of Straw would probably have given way.
A man of straw - and his family - have provided some backbone for beleaguered Midland farmers.
"We thought we had found someone like that (in Carson Yeung) but he appears to be a man of straw.
Because, in truth, he's a man of straw with little useful to say.
Ghana's finest turned out to be a man of straw after arriving at Everton with a big reputation and glowing references from experts such as Arsene Wenger and Gerard Houllier.
But then Gordon Brown isn't a man of Straw. Something funny here, methinks.
For a politician occasionally dubbed "man of straw", Jack Straw is proving a remarkably tough Home Secretary.