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the mammon of unrighteousness

Unjustly or illicitly gained money or wealth. "Mammon" is an Aramaic term meaning "money" or "wealth," used in the Bible to refer to the idolization of money over faith in God. It galls me that the man claims to be a servant of the Lord and of the people, yet he lives in a giant mansion and flies in a private jet, clearly all attained from the mammon of unrighteousness.
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you can't serve (both) God and mammon

A person cannot lead a virtuous, spiritual life while simultaneously pursuing the accumulation of wealth. "Mammon" is an Aramaic term meaning "money" or "wealth," used in the Bible to refer to the idolization of money over faith in God. I'll never understand how people can be taken in by these flashy television preachers who live in mansions the size of small towns. We learn early on that you can't serve God and mammon, so why on earth would we trust these charlatans to lead us into eternal glory? My father was very successful in business, but he always spent what he earned on the people in his company and in his community. He used to say, "You can't serve both God and mammon."
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You cannot serve God and mammon.

Prov. You cannot both be a good person and dedicate yourself to making money. (Biblical. Mammon means riches.) The minister warned the businessman that he could not serve God and mammon, and encouraged him to donate some of his wealth to charity.
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the mammon of unrighteousness

wealth ill-used or ill-gained.
This biblical expression comes from Luke 16:9: ‘And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations’. Mammon ultimately comes from Hebrew mamon meaning ‘money or wealth’. In early use, it was used to refer to the devil of covetousness; it later was used as the personification of wealth regarded as an idol or an evil influence.
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Prather begins Christ, Power and Mammon by setting forth Barth's theology of the powers as created and fallen.
"Mammon" has always been protean in the Western imagination: while in some texts he approaches the status of a deity, in others he seems merely a placeholder for covetousness and venality.
Recently, the topic of early modern coins has been put into circulation by two superb books, Stephen Deng's Coinage and State Formation in Early Modern English Literature and David Landreth's The Face of Mammon: The Matter of Money in English Renaissance Literature.
* Mammon as Midas: Greed reigns, thoroughly corrupted, corrupting everything it touches--from politicians to the public domain, from the commonwealth to the common good.
Mammon, a high demon, is consumed with dark evil and has no value for life, as he murders and manipulates people for his own purposes.
Mammon, 49, and her daughter Dalia Avezbadalov, 23, have invited me over to make peraskhipockets of dough stuffed with mashed potatoes, ground beef, mushrooms, and other fillings that are fried in vegetable oil until they puff up.
She said that Zulfiqar Mirza and Sharjeel Mammon are friends.
Paul but Toronto's godless retailers don't care a hoot and intend to impose their search for Mammon on everyone.
However, the fundamental root cause is the general moral degradation due to the reign of mammon in the place of the reign of God.
To act effectively, Anglicans will need to align themselves with our Creator God, and reject the deceitful claims of Mammon.
Jesus also had very harsh words about those who worship Mammon, who think only of their stomachs and neglect the poor.
Now, in deference to Mammon, we have to move to a Thursday-to-Saturday meeting to increase attendances.
It examines the anti-Jewish images of Ahasver, Mammon, and Moloch and contributes to research on antisemitism, or to criticism of antisemitism, a criticism involving both ideology and the level of political economy.
He invested money in Allen Stanford's bent bank and was an ambassador for it, as he was for that monument to Mammon,Dubai, where he was given a house at a knock-down price in return for endorsing the city and its burgeoning property market.Owen is one of dozens of international sports stars who made the bargain with the regime of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum - from David Beckham,Steven Gerrard to the dodgem-driving Tiger Woods.