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the mammon of unrighteousness

Unjustly or illicitly gained money or wealth. "Mammon" is an Aramaic term meaning "money" or "wealth," used in the Bible to refer to the idolization of money over faith in God. It galls me that the man claims to be a servant of the Lord and of the people, yet he lives in a giant mansion and flies in a private jet, clearly all attained from the mammon of unrighteousness.
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You cannot serve God and mammon.

Prov. You cannot both be a good person and dedicate yourself to making money. (Biblical. Mammon means riches.) The minister warned the businessman that he could not serve God and mammon, and encouraged him to donate some of his wealth to charity.
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the mammon of unrighteousness

wealth ill-used or ill-gained.
This biblical expression comes from Luke 16:9: ‘And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations’. Mammon ultimately comes from Hebrew mamon meaning ‘money or wealth’. In early use, it was used to refer to the devil of covetousness; it later was used as the personification of wealth regarded as an idol or an evil influence.
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In St Luke's gospel, we find them laughing at Jesus precisely because he said: "You cannot serve both God and mammon.
Here is an example of what I mean: "At the midpoint of this chapter, I turned from the contest over consumption between Mammon and Alma to the problems manifested in Barabas's, Pilate's, and Munera's hands in order to suggest that the normative model of consumption in Guyon's sojourn with Alma and Eumnestes begs the question of instrumentality in defining an ethical relation of agent to matter--that, in focusing so exclusively on what goes in and out of his mouth, Guyon is able to ignore what he is and is not doing with his hands" (101).
I will demonstrate," says Landreth early in The Face of Mammon, that "money is not everything in sixteenth-century England.
Sandel delivers up just one nauseating element of Mammon as Midas.
Now, seeing things from an English teacher's perspective, I included philosophical discussion points in the Mammon teaching guide.
The Mammon family, it turns out, is a fitting place to begin answering that question.
A ray of hope comes from reports about youth and young adults of the Jesus Youth Movements in the West and East, including in our own land, who cry out forcefully in their meetings that they do not want materialism but spirituality, not the reign of mammon, but the reign of God's Kingdom of Truth, Justice and all inclusive Love.
To act effectively, Anglicans will need to align themselves with our Creator God, and reject the deceitful claims of Mammon.
Now, in deference to Mammon, we have to move to a Thursday-to-Saturday meeting to increase attendances.
For this reason, this paper attempts to examine analogously three of the most important anti-Jewish images, which are intertwined with one another: Ahasver, Moloch, and Mammon.
He invested money in Allen Stanford's bent bank and was an ambassador for it, as he was for that monument to Mammon,Dubai, where he was given a house at a knock-down price in return for endorsing the city and its burgeoning property market.
argues that an "inner view" is essential, a view from "the terrain of the human heart," to see the world as it is, as a choice between God and mammon.
When Lane says that "Mammon rules" in Ireland, why need he be thinking of Spenser's Mammon (77)?
As a consequence of the Chinese public-private partnership development deal, God and Mammon are forced to rub shoulders with each other, as the ground floor of the building is given over to commercial activities.
Los rostros mas claros en el ambito secular son Felipe Calderon --no he visto a nadie traicionar mas los ideales cristianos que a este hombre que antes de caer en el poder hablaba del personalismo de Mounier y exaltaba la subsidiaridad--, Santiago Creel, Emilio Gonzalez Marquez, Juan Camilo Mourino y los empresarios que han creido poder hacer convivir a Cristo con Mammon.