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mama's boy

A boy or man who is particularly close with his mother to the point of being overly dependent on her. Lynn dumped Mark because he was such a mama's boy and always ran to her to fix his problems.
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You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Said to someone using expletives or other inappropriate language. Stop cursing around all these little kids! Geez, you kiss your mother with that mouth?
See also: kiss, mother, that

sugar mama

A woman who gives her much younger romantic or sexual partner a lot of money and gifts. Often implies that the financial aspect is in lieu of genuine romantic interest from one or both people in the relationship. I know I shouldn't judge just from appearances, but it certainly seems like Tommy's new girlfriend is a bit of a sugar mama. Why else would he be with a woman nearly twice her age? Sarah is not my sugar mama! Sure, she treats me to dinner and takes me on vacations now and then, but I pay my own way in life!
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red-hot mama

A woman, especially an older woman, who is overtly or bawdily sexually alluring and exciting. Mike always gets so embarrassed when all the boys in his class start staring at his red-hot mama when she comes to pick him up from school. She prides herself as being a brazen, outgoing red-hot mama, regardless of her age or social status.
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Mama Bell

A jocular name for AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation), originally a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company, especially in reference to its monopoly of phone services across the United States and Canada up until 1981. (Its regional subsidiaries, which it was required to divest in 1982 as the result of an antitrust lawsuit, were known as "Baby Bells.") My dad worked for Mama Bell for nearly 40 years as an engineer. If the merger goes through, Mama Bell will once again control nearly all of the telephone operations across the entire country. There were few complaints from people working within the company, though, especially at the corporate level—Mama Bell certainly took care of her own.
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mama bear

1. A strong, aggressively protective mother. Likened to literal mother bears, which are notoriously violent and aggressive when confronting a danger to their offspring. She's usually quite demure and reserved, but she turns into a straight-up mama bear if you so much as look at her kids the wrong way.
2. A female police officer. The two fellas were busting each other up when a mama bear on patrol came round and threw them both in her squad car.
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(Do) you kiss your mama with that mouth?

Said to someone using expletives or other inappropriate language. Stop cursing around all these little kids! Geez, you kiss your mama with that mouth? Wow, those are some mighty vulgar words for a 10-year-old to know. Do you kiss your mama with that mouth, young man?
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(my) mama didn't raise no dummy

I am not stupid, foolish, or naïve. A: "And just make sure the safetly latch is in place before you start the engine." B: "I know, I know. My mama didn't raise no dummy!" They thought they could pull a fast one on me, but mama didn't raise no dummy.
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mama needs (new) shoes!

A phrase said aloud by a woman in the hopes of getting good luck in a game of chance, especially before a dice roll. If I roll a seven, I walk out of here with $30,000. Come on, the mama needs shoes! I'm so close to a bingo. Call D4, already—mama needs new shoes!
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mama needs a new pair of shoes

A phrase said aloud by a woman in the hopes of getting good luck in a game of chance, especially before a dice roll. If I roll a seven, I walk out of here with $30,000. Come on, mama needs a new pair of shoes! I'm so close to a bingo. Call D4, already—mama needs a new pair of shoes!
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go home to mama

To abandon some thing or pursuit and return to one's home and family of origin. I was ready to go home to mama almost as soon as I arrived at boot camp.
See also: go, home, mama

go home to mama

to give up something-such as a marriage-and return to one's mother's home. I've had it. I'm going home to mama. Mary left him and went home to mama.
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mama's boy

A sissy, especially a boy or man excessively attached to his mother. For example, The children called Tom a mama's boy because he ran home with every little problem. This sexist expression has survived despite its pejorative tone. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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mama bear

n. a policewoman. (see also lady bear.) As we came under the bridge, we saw a mama bear sitting in a pigmobile.
See also: bear, mama

My mama didn’t raise no dummy

sent. I’m not stupid. Sure I know the difference between good and bad. My mama didn’t raise no dummy.
See also: dummy, mama, no, raise

red-hot mama

n. an exciting woman; a sexually exciting or excited woman. I’m no red-hot mama, just a country girl.
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yo mama

interj. so you say. (Black.) Not enough bread! Yo mama.
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red-hot mama

A woman who is sexy in a flashy and obvious way. The phrase reached its maximum popularity through an early 20th-century entertainer named Sophie Tucker, who billed herself as “the Last of the Red Hot Mamas” (history fails to reveal who was the first). Nothing about her was shy or demure—one of her songs began, “You've got to see Mama ev'ry night or you can't see Mama at all.” As a description of a woman who appealed to male carnal appetites, the phrase was used by men and often, like Ms. Tucker, by the women themselves.
See also: mama
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Las mujeres pueden reducir el riesgo de cancer de mama si se abstienen de beber alcohol en exceso y si observan una dieta sana y hacen ejercicio con regularidad.
It was through mama's words that we learned that we couldn't get blood from a turnip (or from a stone for that matter), that money doesn't grow on trees, that a square peg can't fit into a round hole, that a silk purse can't be made out of a sow's ear, and that we can't have the milk unless we buy the cow (that's my wife's favorite).
The Mamas & Papas Travel System is sure to be one of the first items on every parent's shopping list.
Every worry-free ingredient is disclosed on Earth Mama labels, and every organic and Non-GMO claim has been vetted by third-party certification.
"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Scacchetti family and BlueGem to develop and implement a plan that will both consolidate Mamas & Papas' enviable position in the UK market and accelerate expansion internationally."
Yo tambien voy a casa de Rita a veces y ya no se me hace raro ver que tiene un papa y una mama, aunque antes si era raro y por eso un dia le pregunte si no tenia dos papas, y esa fue la primera vez que ella me dijo que no estaba bien tener dos papas.
In everything she did for me, Mama taught me that people who chart their own course--in other words, people who are self-empowered--always have a destiny that is different from that of people who allow others to define them."
Starting today, I will become the self-anointed Super Mama's Boy.
"As a maternity brand that puts fashion at the heart of what we do, the partnership with Mamas & Papas is perfect for the customer looking for affordable catwalk trends at a click."
Para el grupo de investigadores fue alentador descubrir pruebas convincentes de que las mujeres con las formas mas comunes y no proliferativas de enfermedades benignas no corren un riesgo mayor de presentar cancer de mama, siempre y cuando no tengan fuertes antecedentes familiares de cancer mamario.
"We believe that the fashionable and well-designed products by Mamas & Papas would be readily accepted by Japanese consumers and I expect that this partnership between Mamas &
Mamas and Papas first set foot in Dubai in April last year by launching a concession at the Harvey Nichols department store in the Mall of the Emirates.
Critique: Profusely illustrated with step-by-step instructions, "108 Yoga and Self-Care Practices for Busy Mamas" is an ideal approach to a daily DIY yoga-based health care system that can be carried out by anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
Famous for his characteristic diction and his coverage of crime-related stories, Mamas once went as far as to stage a mock bank robbery in a bid to expose lax security.
Published by the Child Welfare League of America, "Happy Mamas" is a tender paean to the many faces of a mother's love for her infant, including pandas, catfish, kangaroos, elephants, monkeys, penguins, ducks, wolves, owls, and humans too.