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male gaze

The rendering of art, literature, etc., from the perspective of and for the consumption of heterosexual males, especially characterized by the depiction of women as passive objects of desire and pleasure. The phrase was coined by film theorist Laura Mulvey. The male gaze will continue to dominate media until more and more women artists challenge the paradigm.
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beta male

1. In the social hierarchy of an animal group, a male occupying a position secondary to the dominant "alpha male." Emerging research on animal groups suggests that beta males may have more complex roles than previously thought.
2. By extension, a man comfortable with engaging in non-stereotypical male behaviors and having personality traits that contrast with the stereotypically dominant and aggressive "alpha male." In this usage, the term is used positively or affectionately. I really like that David is so chill. He's a real beta male, and I'm into it.
3. A derisive term for a man regarded as passive or weak (in contrast to the "alpha male"). I can't believe Mike lets his girlfriend tell him what to do—what a beta male.
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omega male

1. The male occupying the lowest position in the social hierarchy of an animal group. Emerging research on animal groups suggests that omega males may have more complex roles than previously thought.
2. A man who feels powerless and, as a result, does not actively work toward improving his life. He's a real omega male—he's unemployed, single, and miserable, and not doing anything to change that.
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alpha male

1. The dominant male in the social hierarchy of an animal group. Emerging research on animal groups suggests that alpha males may have more complex roles than previously thought.
2. By extension, a man who asserts dominance socially and professionally, typically by assuming leadership roles and easily acquiring sexual partners. He walks into the room with such confidence that you immediately know he's an alpha male.
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female of the species is more deadly than the male

Prov. In many animal species, the female is poisonous and the male is not, and, by analogy, women are more dangerous than men. Bill: My old girlfriend's been threatening me ever since I broke up with her, but she's too small and weak to do me any harm. Fred: I'd be careful if I were you. The female of the species is more deadly than the male.
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male blindness

n. the imagined failure on the part of a male to see approaching dangers owing to the male’s eyes being focused on a some well-proportioned female attribute. After an attack of male blindness, he walked into a lamppost.
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and male chauvinist pig
n. a male who acts superior to and aggressively toward women. (From the woman’s liberation movements of the 1970s.) The guy is just a male chauvinist pig, and he’ll never change. That’s you! Walter L. Waddington, MCP.

male chauvinist pig

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References in classic literature ?
Presently a male came racing toward the field, shout-ing excitedly.
The carrier, more especially the male bird, is also remarkable from the wonderful development of the carunculated skin about the head, and this is accompanied by greatly elongated eyelids, very large external orifices to the nostrils, and a wide gape of mouth.
To Geeka she spoke in Arabic, knowing that Geeka, being but a doll, could not understand the language of Korak and Akut, and that the language of Korak and Akut being that of male apes contained nothing of interest to an Arab doll.
And can you mention any pursuit of mankind in which the male sex has not all these gifts and qualities in a higher degree than the female?
Was not the selection of the male guardians determined by differences of this sort?
And the proper officers, whether male or female or both, for offices are to be held by women as well as by men--
Even had we no actual evidence of this, we must know it still, since only thus might be explained the survival of the human race in which the jealousy and selfishness of the bulls would, in the earliest stages of the race, have wiped out the young as rapidly as they were brought into the world had not God implanted in the savage bosom that paternal love which evidences itself most strongly in the protective instinct of the male.
In every Circular or Polygonal household it has been a habit from time immemorial -- and now has become a kind of instinct among the women of our higher classes -- that the mothers and daughters should constantly keep their eyes and mouths towards their husband and his male friends; and for a lady in a family of distinction to turn her back upon her husband would be regarded as a kind of portent, involving loss of STATUS.
A Male of the lowest type of the Isosceles may look forward to some improvement of his angle, and to the ultimate elevation of the whole of his degraded caste; but no Woman can entertain such hopes for her sex.
Gregory does mention in his preface that Monegund was a member of the "inferior sex," which he does not do for males, but doesn't mention it again.
According to the National Center for Education Statistics, high school girls now outnumber boys in upper-level courses in algebra, chemistry, and biology; physics is the only subject in which males are still a majority.
6 female of PET, 2 male and one female of English, one male and 3 female of OT and 2 males and 3 female teachers of OT have been promoted to grade-16.
The present article examines gender differences in college students' social goals, as some evidence exists that males and females will differ in their social goals.
At times, males actually box, rising upright and pummeling each other with their forelegs.
The literature includes discussions of men's bodies across sexualities and the lifespan, including boys, adolescent males, adult males, midlife males, and ageing men.