Make no bones about it

make no bones about (something)

To be transparent about something, without any equivocation. He makes no bones about having come from a wealthy family. When training a new employee, I make no bones about my expectations, so that they're not surprised by anything down the road.
See also: bone, make, no

Make no bones about it.

to make no mistake (about it); no need to doubt it; absolutely. This is the greatest cake I've ever eaten. Make no bones about it. Make no bones about it, Mary is a great singer.
See also: bone, make, no

make no bones about it, to

To do or say something without hesitation, formality, or evasion. This saying is so old that its original meaning has been lost. Nicholas Udall used it in Apothegms from Erasmus (1548): “He made no manier bones ne stickyng, but went in hande to offer up his ownly son” (he made no bones about sacrificing his only son). One writer suggests it comes from a diner who makes no fuss if he encounters bones in his food. Others relate it to dice, so called because they were originally made from bones, and suggest it meant simply throwing the dice without making any prior fuss about it.
See also: bone, make, no