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have (one's) nose in a book

To be reading a book. Often used of people who always seem to be reading. He's had his nose in a book for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Poor Mary is so shy. She just has her nose in a book wherever she goes.
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have (one's) nose in a magazine

To be reading a magazine. Often used of people who always seem to be reading. He's had his nose in a magazine for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Poor Mary is so shy. She just has her nose in a magazine wherever she goes.
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girlie magazine

A magazine containing pictures of nude or nearly nude women for the purpose of sexual titillation. You've gotta hide your girlie magazines better, dude—you don't want your mom to find them!
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have your nose in a ˈbook, magaˈzine, etc.

(informal) be reading something and giving it all your attention: She’s always got her nose in a book.
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girlie magazine

n. a magazine featuring pictures of nude women. The girlie magazines were hidden under the counter.
See also: girlie, magazine
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Rooks's investigation of selected African American women's magazines from the 1890s to the 1950s.
It was through this study group that he had a fateful encounter with the future co-founder of The Big Issue Japan, Yoko Mizukoshi, an energetic woman 10 years his junior who had heard about the success of street magazines sold by homeless people in London.
And there's a hint of hometown defensiveness inside the magazines themselves.
At least three pre-born babies who could have been killed were rescued from the abortion holocaust as a result of this magazine's publishing efforts and a subscriber who cared enough to place the magazine into the hands of a friend.
At the end of his chapter on Monocle, Navasky recalls how he perked up, as we all do in the field of obscure magazines, when our work is recognized.
Producing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and E-Zines by Carol Harris is a practical and accessible "how to" guide that is ideal for the non-specialist general reader wanting to venture into a commercial publishing activity.
Often, quality compact and subcompact handguns on the market come with either single-or higher-capacity double-stack magazines, which give departments more latitude if they find grip width, as well as overall weapon size, an issue.
Aesthetic standards have obviously improved for both plastics products and plastics magazines. The scope of "new fields to conquer"--as our first cover fearlessly declared--may have seemed as limitless as the universe in 1955.
This auto sample positioning system currently allows four magazines to be loaded and analyzed during unattended operation.
But with the financial perks of publishing come many pitfalls that publishers must navigate if they are to not only get their magazines off the ground, but also sustain them for years while remaining competitive.
I moved my art practice partially into magazines in order to make and disseminate my work.
Although a number of scholars have explored how hedonistic, consumer-oriented styles of masculinity were encouraged by magazines such as Esquire and Playboy, Bill Osgerby furthers this work by showing how the emergence of the unabashed, 1950s, middle-class, male consumer grew out the vibrant, widespread youth culture and youth market that exploded in post-War America.
Here are just a few of the magazines we saw at the 2018 SHOT Show.
Hexmag's True Riser system, limiting high-capacity magazines to 10 or 15 rounds, has earned a U.S.
In his March 2014 article about the new Ruger American Rimfire, Holt Bodinson says the Ruger American Rimfire rotary magazines are not interchangeable with standard BX-1 10/22 magazines.