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widow's mite

A small monetary contribution made by one who is poor. Edna hardly has any money, and she still gives the church a widow's mite.
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a mite

To a minor or small extent. I thought it was a mite mean to say what she did, but I'm not too upset about it.
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a widow's mite

a small monetary contribution from someone who is poor.
This phrase comes from a story recounted in Mark 12:41–4. A poor widow donated two mites (coins of very low value) to the treasury of the Temple in Jerusalem, a sum which constituted all the money she possessed. Witnessing this act, Jesus told his disciples that she had given more than the richest contributor because she had given all that she had.
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a mite

To a small degree; somewhat: That remark was a mite unfair.
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A total number of 60 mites from 60 patients were exposed to both permethrin and lindane and continuously observed for 5 hours.
Tiger balm won't kill the itch mites or cure the scabies infestation, but it will provide some relief during the waiting period after conventional treatment.
The rearing method was that used by Reis & Alves (1997), in which the mites were confined in arenas made from jack bean leaves (5.0 cm in diameter).
The post Parents outraged by mites at Lady's Mile Beach appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Where, Tb is % infestation of mites before treatment, Ta is % infestation of mites after treatment, Ca is % infestation of mites in control after treatment and Cb is % infestation of mites in control before treatment.
The feather mites, the paper said, coevolved with the eagles, which means they are the ancient ectoparasites, or external parasites, of the first Philippine eagle population.
Getting the medication down inside his ear canal will allow it to reach any mites down there and also makes it less likely that your cat will shake the medication out.
Since dogs can also be vulnerable to eyelash mites, it is suggested to get the pets checked by a vet.
On 7 Jan 2016 at location 1, the number of motile broad mites was highest on the plant with the most visible damage, but at location 2 higher broad mite numbers were found on some of the adjacent plants than on the central plant.
Results: Of 25 food items examined in the study, only six were contaminated by mites. Species of the mites found were Acarus siro (34.6%), Glycyphagus domesticus (22.8%), Tyrophagus putrescentiae (16.8%), Tyrophagus spp.
* Mites move to new bee colonies by attaching to foraging bees.
However, for the millions of asthmatics who are allergic to dust mites, interacting with dust mite allergens can spur emergency room visits.
Ear swabs examined under microscope revealed numbers of ear mites and their eggs.