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by a wide margin

By a large amount; by a lot. We won that game by a wide margin! I think the final score was 10-1.
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on the margins of (something)

Existing at the periphery of a larger group, receiving less or little attention compared to the majority. The collective has been on the margins of the New York art scene for many years, but they are finally beginning to get some recognition from the mainstream. The laws rarely take into account those on the margins of society who are often the most vulnerable or in need of assistance.
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ASIC found that in certain circumstances, four of the five margin lenders who approved double geared margin loans did not take additional steps when approving such loans, despite the additional risks associated with double geared margin loans.
The margin trading process for customers of a QFMA licensed financial services company is spelt out in detail under the Margin Trading Rules covering the opening of the account up to registering of shares with the Qatar Central Securities Depository (the "QCSD") as well as registering increases thereof on the customer's accounts opened by the financial services firm managing the account for the customer.
A 25 per cent drop on the Dubai index from December 1 through December 17 triggered a lot of margin calls by brokers, which aggravated the selling pressure on the UAE markets.
There are three types of margins applicable in equity markets -- the value at risk ( VaR) margin, the extreme loss margin and the mark to market ( MTM) margin.
Summary: Margins help counter the risk of unpaid transactions while trading in the market.
For study purposes, each specimen was considered to be a cube with 6 unique margin faces.
Averaging out reported figures from 37 papermaking companies that sell their stock on North American markets, the paper industry checks in with an average net profit margin of 0.
The move is aimed at making margin trading more accessible for individual investors as well as benefiting clients who trade large volumes via margin trading, kabu.
Margin = (Income-Costs) / Income, and is denominated in percent.
This results in your profit margin (100- 60-15+100=0.
A $500 million company that can increase its gross margin rate by 3 percent will add $9 million to the bottom line and $225 million in shareholder value (Figure 1).
Transfer Price = Variable costs per unit + Lost contribution margin per unit
Dillard's posted a significant jump in gross margin while Federated's gross margin rose slightly.
According to Weber et al, a positive surgical margin is the single most important factor leading to local failure.
lThe number of runners; with margins rising with the number of runners, although the effect is very small.