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rude slang One who is stupid or irritating. Ugh, don't even listen to that guy, he's such a buttmunch.

munch out (on something)

To eat (a specific thing) gluttonously or to excess. Once a month, my friends and I get together and munch out on pizza and watch cheesy horror movies. I'll just have a salad. I've been munching out too much lately.
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munch out

Sl. to overeat. I can't help it. Whenever I see french fries, I just have to munch out. I try not to munch out more than once a week.
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n. a despised male. (Usually objectionable.) You dumb butt-munch! Why did you do that?

munch out

in. to eat ravenously. (see also pig out.) I had to munch out after the party. I can’t imagine why.
See also: munch, out