Love is blind

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Love is blind.

Cliché If you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Jill: I don't understand why Joanna likes Tom. He's inconsiderate, he's vain, and he isn't even good-looking. Jane: Love is blind.
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love is ˈblind

(saying) when you are in love with somebody, you cannot see their faults: I don’t like him at all, but she’s crazy about him. Well, they say love is blind, don’t they?
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Byline: Ramzi, the Love Is Blind singer, says performing love songs is easier than winning a girl's heart.
The Love Is Blind singer says he's giving the girls a break and embracing the piano and a guitar with all his might.
She was so helpless and to a large extent, it shows love is blind and you are just helpless when you are head over heels in love with somebody.