Love begets love

Love begets love.

Prov. If you behave lovingly to other people, they will behave lovingly to you. Child: I hate Tammy! She's always mean to me. Father: If you're nicer to her, maybe she'll change her ways. Love begets love.
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Trying to make sense of my love-hate relationships with my aunts, I realize love begets love, and hate stays longer than it should.
We tend to forget that threatening violence begets violence - and offering love begets love.
Love begets love and respect begets respect is the simple formula to restore the confidence of the citizens.
Whether spoken, written, or shared in beautiful heart-shaped collages, Page Hodel reminds us love begets love and she lets her hearts tell her story.
Love begets love and, within their marriage, the couple generates a wellspring of love that nourishes children and family before bursting out into the wider world.
Linda can never be replaced, but love begets love - and Sir Paul has a lot more of it to give.
The principles of Orthodox mission were described by Bishop Saphony as follows: "Through deeds of preaching and the light of love you must warm the human world, because love begets love, and from love flows eagerness for God.