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And as an Englishman I am just staggered at not only some people's ignorance, but of their complete loss of face to so many Americans who have stood by us through two world wars.
If he managed to negotiate something of this kind, the Provisional IRA would be able to lay down their arms without much loss of face, claiming that they had achieved the breakthrough towards which all their efforts had been directed.
On March 1, a video of the company's CEO arguing with a driver surfaced, leading to further loss of face.
This would be a massive loss of face for warmonger Putin.
The JCS said the missile launch appears to be an attempt by the North to repair the loss of face from the failed Musudan launch less than a week ago.
Chauhan's delay in ordering a probe headed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) only handed more ammo to the opposition and saw him suffer a huge loss of face.
I believe we have the diplomatic expertise to achieve dual sovereignty whilst attaining a good deal for the existing residents without any loss of face, or any diminution of the lives lost in the case of the Falklands.
His lawyers were keen to land a settlement which not only reflects his loss of earnings but compensates for his loss of face.
His lawyers were keen to land a settlement which not only reflected his loss of earnings - which would amount to around PS750,000 - but also to compensate for loss of face after losing such a high-profile job.
Having sided with the Pawar camp and filed his nomination for the secretary's post, Thakur could well suffer a loss of face if N.
Doing so would result in a real loss of face after they went on the offensive on several occasions.
Besides a loss of face, this also disrupts LOT's coming out of the woods in the course of restructuring," Karpinski said.
Also, US President Dwight Eisenhower wrote: "Japan was at the very moment seeking some way to surrender with minimum loss of face.
Loss of Face The disaster is a major loss of face for a country which seeks to project a global image of a modern, rising power, different from developing countries like Bangladesh, where such industrial disasters are frequent.
Bring your garden into your home combinations of our bi-folding What is surprising was David Cameron's failure to sacK him immediately after the event became news, saving both himself and his party a terrible loss of face.