lose your shirt

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lose (one's) shirt

To lose a significant amount of one's money (often all of it). This is my last chance—I'll lose my shirt if this business venture fails.
See also: lose, shirt

lose your shirt

lose all your possessions, especially as the result of unwise financial transactions. informal
See also: lose, shirt

lose your ˈshirt

(informal) lose all or a lot of your money and possessions: ‘How did you two get on at the races?’ ‘I won $300 and Paul lost his shirt.’ OPPOSITE: make a killing
See also: lose, shirt
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But whatever you do, don't lose your shirt on England.
If you're not disciplined, you will lose your shirt.
You lose your shirt - I don't take it away from you.
I've heard it said that a tax form is a lot like a laundry list - either way you are going to lose your shirt, and a lot of folks have lost their shirts dealing with our current code.
Just never lose your shirt, Victoria - it might distract the punters.