Lord knows I've tried

Lord knows (that) I've tried

It is the absolute truth that I have tried my best (to do something). A: "You and Jeff just need to spend some time together and bond." B: "Lord knows I've tried. That boy just isn't interested in doing anything other than playing those damned video games." A: "You need to convince her to accept the deal." B: "Lord knows that I've tried, but she is adamantly refusing." A: "Then try harder!"
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Lord knows I've tried.

Fig. I certainly have tried very hard. Alice: Why don't you get Bill to fix this fence? Mary: Lord knows I've tried. I must have asked him a dozen times—this year alone. Sue: I can't seem to get to class on time. Rachel: That's just awful. Sue: Lord knows I've tried. I just can't do it.
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