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Poor old Lord Mortlake, who had only two topics of conversation, his gout and his wife
When LORD GORING returns the glass she refuses it with a gesture.
Why, it was from Melthorpe, which is only two miles from here, that Lady Belton eloped with Lord Fethersdale.
I am afraid, Caroline, that dear Lord Illingworth doesn't value the moral qualities in women as much as he should.
Dear Lord Darlington, how thoroughly depraved you are!
Do, as a concession to my poor wits, Lord Darlington, just explain to me what you really mean.
After what my Lord has said to her, she has little doubt that he will communicate his infamous suspicions to his lawyers in England.
At this moment, the Courier who has been engaged to travel with my Lord from England crosses the stage with a letter to take to the post.
Patrick, who knew Lord de Winter was in affairs of the service, and in relations of friendship with the duke, gave the preference to the one who came in his name.
Lieutenant Felton, from Lord de Winter," said Patrick.
In this point likewise my lord very well satisfied her; for his reputation was extremely clear, and common fame did him no more than justice, in speaking well of him.
The humiliations," Tom used to say, "which that woman has been made to undergo, in her own house, have been frightful; Lord Steyne has made her sit down to table with women with whom I would rather die than allow Mrs.
You who have little or no patrimony to bequeath or to inherit, may be on good terms with your father or your son, whereas the heir of a great prince, such as my Lord Steyne, must naturally be angry at being kept out of his kingdom, and eye the occupant of it with no very agreeable glances.
Go on before, landlord, and show the way,' said Lord George Gordon; 'we will follow at a footpace.
If you'll give me leave, my lord,' said John Grueby, in a low voice, 'I'll change my proper place, and ride before you.