Look who's talking!

look who's talking

One is guilty of the same thing they have just criticized. A: "Kathy never pays attention in class." B: "Look who's talking! Just today I saw you reading a magazine during the lecture."
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Look who's talking!

Fig. You are guilty of doing the same thing that you have criticized someone else for doing or that you accused someone else of doing. Andy: You criticize me for being late! Look who's talking! You just missed your flight! Jane: Well, nobody's perfect. Mary: You just talk and talk, you go on much too long about practically nothing, and you never give a chance for any one else to talk, and you just don't know when to stop! Sally: Look who's talking!
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Look who’s talking!

exclam. You are just as guilty!; You are just as much at fault! Look who’s talking. You were there before I was.
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FILIPINOS have only the Americans - Thomasites and the Liberation Forces - to give credit to for their parroting a colloquial remark that is meant to rebuff someone who has humiliated us as a person, and that's,"Look who's talking!"
'Look who's talking! Faeldon tarnished the reputation of the entire House of Representatives by insinuating that lawmakers are endorsing promotions or employment to the bureau of certain personnel,' Barbers said.
Look who's talking!" - in the TV reports that Gareth saw.
Look who's talking! The first Canadians have been waiting for three centuries for the rest of us, who have flooded their lands, to honour their human rights and land claims.
"I hear you're quite an animal," quips McCoy; "Look who's talking!" smirks his razor-clawed rival.
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Karen: Look who's talking! You sure didn't turn your little Ms.
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