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bleed the lizard

slang, vulgar To urinate, said of or by a male. After my third cup of coffee, I really had to go bleed the lizard.
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flat out like a lizard drinking

1. adjective Very busy; preoccupied with many different things at once. Primarily heard in Australia. Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking all day. I've been flat out like a lizard drinking at work lately—I barely have time to see my kids anymore.
2. adverb At the greatest possible speed, efficiency, or power. Primarily heard in Australia. We drove that car through town flat out like a lizard drinking. The whole team is working flat out like a lizard drinking to get this project finished on time.
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lot lizard

slang A prostitute who primarily or solely solicits sexual services in parking lots used by truck drivers. Primarily heard in US. Like clockwork, the lot lizards start scoping out potential customers as soon as the sun sets.
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lounge lizard

A man who frequents bars and clubs in an attempt to meet women. Primarily heard in US. That dive bar is filled with nothing but troublemakers and lounge lizards.
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viviparous lizard

A European species of lizard, so named because the females give birth to live young (as opposed to laying eggs). Today, we're going to study the viviparous lizard.
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lounge lizard

A man interested in snaring a wealthy woman. The phrase was first heard after World War I, when it was applied to musicians who performed in supper clubs and kept an eye out for susceptible women of means. As the century progressed, a man didn't have to be a musician; any well-dressed predatory male earned that phrase. Some say “lizard” referred to reptile shoes that were popular footwear; other say the word applies to the men's low-life character. “Lounge lizard” is the male equivalent of “gold digger.”
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RESULTS--During 48 observation periods, 14 Texas horned lizards were observed for a total of 139 h (total observation time per lizard, mean 9.
Participants in the plan, which is voluntary, would incur no further restrictions on their property if the lizards are listed as endangered as long as they implement conservation measures, such as removing "invasive plants" like mesquite and using pipelines, not trucks, where feasible.
The breeding of this rare lizard will allow the opportunity to study the lizards, giving insight into the complex ways they reproduce.
But sand lizards, along with their habitats, are now protected by law.
Before, researchers long assumed that the ancestor of snakes and lizards laid eggs, and that if a species switched to live birth, it never reverted back, researchers said.
Male lizards lose a little swagger In the presence of predators, as Meghan Rosen reported in "Lizards may scale back head bobbing to avoid predators" (SN: 6/14/14, p.
Lizards possess the unique ability to regrow their tail.
We quantified encounters of lizards per unit effort by time from line transects conducted in May-July 2005 and 2006.
Human beings have satellite cells that can grow and develop into skeletal muscles and other tissues, this very same cell is present in lizards as well.
Back from the dead: | Sand lizards vanished from Wales 60 years ago
The team assembled the largest-yet datasets of both anatomical and molecular characters for the major groups of lizards and snakes.
Other newcomers to the centre include 20 giant thorny stick insects plus fruit beetle grubs, sand lizards and Indian stick insects.
Although other lizards are known to procreate by cloning themselves, it has never before been witnessed in this species.
As the lizards walked away, they left a thread trail.