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Cowardly or fearful. I'm not surprised that Tom didn't come to the rally—he's too lily-livered to defend his beliefs in public.

more (something) than Carter('s) has (liver) pills

old-fashioned A huge number of something; an amount of something that is greater than one can count. A reference to a popular patent medicine created in 1868 called "Carter's Little Liver Pills" (renamed "Carter's Little Pills" in 1959). I swear, that boy's got more excuses than Carter has liver pills! Their company's got more money problems than Carter's has pills—I wouldn't be surprised if they went bankrupt next week!
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shit on the liver

rude slang Said to be the cause of a very unhappy or unpleasant mood. Primarily heard in Australia. Boy, he seems miserable. What's he got shit on the liver about today?
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What am I, chopped liver?

cliché A semi-serious expression of frustration, anger, or indignation at having been overlooked and/or regarded as inferior. The phrase likely originated as a part of Jewish humor, referring to the serving of chopped liver as a common side dish (thus overlooked in favor of the main course), the taste of which many do not find appealing. A: "Mary is so smart, talented, and creative, I wish she were my best friend!" B: "And what am I then, chopped liver?" They said they wanted to hire someone else for the job. What am I, chopped liver?
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chopped liver

n. someone or something worthless. And who am I? Chopped liver?
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mod. cowardly. That lily-livered guy is up hiding under his bed till this blows over.
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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is an asymptomatic disease that affects about 100 million Americans.
The doctors sourced matching livers from the recipients' family members and carried out the transplants at Narayana Health City.
Now that we know the effects of circadian rhythm, we need to take care of our livers - to make sure it grows and shrinks at the right time!
For today's recipe, though, it's liver we're concentrating upon, and chicken livers are our ingredient of choice.
Other research labs around the world are working on ways to use induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to repopulate diseased livers and prevent liver failure.
With many centres entering the fray, cadaver livers are increasingly being looked upon as 'gold dust'.
Studies have shown that ischemia-reperfusion injury (IFI)--damage to the liver tissue when blood supply returns to the liver after lack of oxygen (ischemia)--often occurs during storage and preservation of donated livers and impacts early graft function post-transplantation.
A NEW online game that encourages people to take better care of their livers has been launched.
In a separate experiment, the scientists removed parts of the livers of normal mice, which within days showed signs of regrowth.
The endothelial cells around large vessels in the livers of mice treated with Pb+LPS showed phosphorylated p42/44 MAPK, but the hepatocytes did not (data not shown).
The concept of liver regeneration in human adult livers has been revolutionized in the last decades with the discovery of a hepatic stem cell compartment which is able to regenerate hepatocytes and biliary epithelial cells after hepatic injury.
The new procedure, developed by doctors at King's College London 's Institute of Liver Studies,in volves taking healthy liver cells, or hepatocytes, and injecting them into the livers of patients .
Incara intends to isolate living precursor cells from livers now considered inappropriate for whole organ transplantation.