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liquid courage

slang The decrease in timidity or inhibition that comes from imbibing alcoholic beverages. I'm planning on proposing to Mary tonight, but I think I need a little liquid courage first!
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liquid lunch

A lunchtime outing that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages instead of eating. Bob reprimanded his employees for having a liquid lunch and returning to work intoxicated.
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liquid refreshment

A beverage, especially one containing alcohol. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshments after the game.
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liquid lunch

a drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal. informal humorous
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liquid cork

n. a medicine that stops diarrhea. This liquid cork isn’t so bad if you get it good and cold before you take it.
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liquid laugh

n. vomit. If you drink much more, you’re gonna come out with a liquid laugh.
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liquid lunch

n. a lunch consisting of alcoholic drinks. Sounds like the boss had another liquid lunch again today.
See also: liquid, lunch
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How much is going to be spent in the leading national gas to liquids markets on R&D and new and upgraded gas to liquids infrastructure between 2011 and 2021?
The Transportation Security Administration on Monday eased its ban on liquids aboard airplanes and will allow travelers to take small bottles of shampoo and tubes of toothpaste, the Wall Street Journal's Scott McCartney writes.
Use of the dry liquid technique makes it possible to handle and weigh liquids like solids.
Because most of an antibubble is liquid, it's heavier and less buoyant than an ordinary air bubble, so it rises only sluggishly.
Increasing the viscosity of the suspending liquid impedes floc formation while reducing the strength of network structures,
Cold thick liquids are safer than hot thin liquids.
Continuous twin-rotor paddle mixers for blending solids with solids or liquids at rates from 100 to 3000 cu ft/hr.
The first Liquid Dynamics lawsuit against Vaughan addressed 47 RotaMix installations during the period beginning in the year 2000 and ending May 31, 2002.
In contrast, most simple liquids pack up to 12 molecules around any given central molecule to make a more compact structure that becomes even denser as it gets colder.
They reportedly offer excellent long-term heat stability and early color control, plus improved processing, and are available in liquid or solid form, either mercaptide or sulfur-free.
Wisk has been completely reformulated using a patented technology called "structured liquids," a scientific breakthrough which has allowed Lever to create the most concentrated, premium performance liquid detergent.
In some cases, the additional material cost is outweighed by the required quality and consistency of the product or by the manufacturing efficiency obtained using the liquids.
This time around, they hope to use a tantalizing new repertoire of solvents, known as ionic liquids, that can get the job done without the stink, mess, pollution, and toxicity of the workhorse solvents that have characterized much of organic chemistry so far.
His body was whisked away to the Arizona desert: There, inside the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Williams' corpse was plunged into a stainless-steel vat of liquid nitrogen, a chemical element so frigid it chilled his body to -195[degrees]C (-319[degrees]F).