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liquid courage

slang The decrease in timidity or inhibition that comes from imbibing alcoholic beverages. I'm planning on proposing to Mary tonight, but I think I need a little liquid courage first!
See also: courage, liquid

liquid lunch

A lunchtime outing that consists of drinking alcoholic beverages instead of eating. Bob reprimanded his employees for having a liquid lunch and returning to work intoxicated.
See also: liquid, lunch

liquid refreshment

Beverages, especially those containing alcohol, considered collectively. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshment after the game.
See also: liquid, refreshment

liquid lunch

a drinking session at lunchtime taking the place of a meal. informal humorous
See also: liquid, lunch

liquid cork

n. a medicine that stops diarrhea. This liquid cork isn’t so bad if you get it good and cold before you take it.
See also: cork, liquid

liquid laugh

n. vomit. If you drink much more, you’re gonna come out with a liquid laugh.
See also: laugh, liquid

liquid lunch

n. a lunch consisting of alcoholic drinks. Sounds like the boss had another liquid lunch again today.
See also: liquid, lunch
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The Transportation Security Administration should continue banning all liquids and gels, The New York Times editorial board writes.
Dry liquids are low-dust powder-form preparations of liquid additives on inert mineral carriers.
It described them as the opposites of soap bubbles, which consist of air, enclosed by a film of liquid, immersed in air.
Organotins include butyls, methyls and octyls, solids and liquids, sulfur and nonsulfur types for both high-impact and unmodified rigid compounds including weather-resistant systems.
The rate constants in several ionic liquids are much lower than those determined in aqueous solutions and close to those measured in low-polarity organic solvents such as ethanol.
The lack of solid-solid plug-wall interaction and the absence of rolling floes both suggest that viscous liquids effectively weaken the network structure, even at low viscosities.
With liquids, especially hot thin liquids, swallow; then clear the throat; then swallow again before taking more liquid.
The molecules in liquids cohere to each other, just not as strongly as they do in solids.
Liquid Dynamics originally sued Vaughan, a pump manufacturer, in 2002 after Vaughan hired a former Liquid Dynamics employee and then copied the JetMix[R] design in a 2001 RotaMix installation.
Now, members of a small community that specializes in the microstructures of fluid and frozen liquids say they're closing in on an understanding of the most vexing quirks of water.
Recommended for coatings and pastes, it disperses one or more finely divided solids into liquids and will simultaneously deaerate.
Moreover, these fuels are more compact than liquids, and compared with solid fuels, hybrid-rocket fuels are safer and their thrust can be regulated.
Tri-Blender stainless-steel blenders combine liquids with other liquid, dry, or gaseous ingredients.
In some cases, the additional material cost is outweighed by the required quality and consistency of the product or by the manufacturing efficiency obtained using the liquids.