like mother, like daughter

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like mother, like daughter

Said when a daughter takes after her mother in terms of mannerisms, interests, behavior, etc. Tammy's headstrong and impatient—like mother, like daughter. A: "My only interest is in making money." B: "Like mother, like daughter, I see."
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Like mother, like daughter.

Prov. Daughters resemble their mothers.; Daughters tend to do what their mothers did before them. My mother loved sweets, and every time my father saw me with a cookie in my hand, he would sigh, "Like mother, like daughter." Jill: Gina's beautiful. Jane: Like mother, like daughter; her mother's gorgeous, too.
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like ˌfather/ˌmother, like ˈson/ˈdaughter

(saying) a child is similar to its father/mother in a particular way: Young Jim is turning out to be as hard-working as his dad — like father, like son.
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