like father like son

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like father, like son

Said when a son shows similarities to his father in mannerisms, interests, behavior, etc. Tommy's headstrong and impatient—like father, like son. A: "My only interest is in making money." B: "Like father, like son, I see."
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like —, like —

as — is, so is —.
Two familiar sayings which appear in this form are like father, like son , recorded in this form from the early 17th century onwards, and like mother, like daughter .
1982 Anita Desai A Village by the Sea Did he teach you to tell me that—that rogue, your father? Like father, like daughter. A family full of liars, no-goods.
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With his heavily-tattooed arms, multi-coloured braids and goatee, it's clearly not a case of like father like son when it comes to nights out.