lick (one's) lips

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lick (one's) lips

1. To anticipate eating (something) with great eagerness or appetite. I was licking my lips when the waiter set the juicy steak down in front of me.
2. To show one's impatience or excitement to do something. You should have seen John at the car show. He was licking his lips looking at all those fancy sports cars. My detractors were practically licking their lips when they heard that my proposal had failed.
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lick one's lips

Fig. to show eagerness or pleasure about a future event. (From the habit of people licking their lips when they are about to enjoy eating something.) The children licked their lips at the sight of the cake. The author's readers were licking their lips in anticipation of her new novel.
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lick (or smack) your lips (or chops)

look forward to something with eager anticipation.
1997 Guardian Headhunting agencies licked their chops at the prospect of the fat placement fees.
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On Sex And The City there was a scene where a dog was licking my lips.
I was licking my lips in anticipation of a pounds 1.50 small tray of chips at the entrance takeaway.
I keep licking my lips. It is cold outside, and they get dry.
YOU CAN get 11/4 that a goal will be scored in today's FA Cup Final via the penalty spot and I'm already licking my lips in anticipation.
In fact I am licking my lips waiting for the next game to come around.
The shop looks good so I was licking my lips. But, as is so often the case, the Black Country's peculiar 'orange order' was off form.