Let the buyer beware

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(let the) buyer beware

proverb It is the buyer's responsibility to be sure that they are not being cheated or overcharged. In no place is the adage "buyer beware" truer than when buying something off an online classifieds ad. It's no one's fault but your own if you paid good money for a dud of a car. Let the buyer beware. I can ask whatever price I want for this old camera. Let the buyer beware, am I right?
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Let the buyer beware.

Prov. Cliché When you buy something, you must take precautions against being cheated, because you cannot trust merchants to be honest about what they sell. Let the buyer beware when shopping for a used car. Several of the lamps among those Max offered for sale were broken. "If a customer isn't smart enough to try a lamp before he buys it, that's his problem," Max argued. "Let the buyer beware."
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"We want to send a clear message to these irresponsible proxy purchasers ( let the buyer beware."
It would be prudent to apply the ancient doctrine of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).
Most people are familiar with the Latin phrase, Caveat emptor, "Let the buyer beware." But few can tell you how to say, "Let the seller beware." The law focuses on the buyer because it is assumed that the typical buyer needs protection.
In an interview with Risk & Insurance[R] last December, he promised that Marsh would not follow a strategy of caveat emptor, or "let the buyer beware," when it came to servicing buyers.
Unfortunately, the Web does not allow technology buyers to forget the warning, "Let the buyer beware." Potential buyers are frequently a bit befuddled amid software vendors making grandiose soup-to-nuts claims with a barrage of Web-tech jargon.
I've been nominated for a 2005 Grammy Award for my album notes accompanying Let the Buyer Beware, a six-CD Bruce anthology.
"Let the buyer beware," adds Samsung director of sales and marketing Tim Sheehan.
Let the buyer beware. The baby boomers of my generation were simply prescribed amphetamines for weight loss.
According to the Legal Information Institute, caveat emptor is a Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware." This phrase projects the idea that buyers should take responsibility for the condition of items they purchase and should examine them before purchase.
At a time when regulatory scrutiny of long-term care facilities, as well as the imposition of major fines and penalties, have increased, the purchaser of a long-term care facility should heed the ancient adage caveat emptor--"let the buyer beware."
Newman of the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Md., "The bottom line remains caveat emptor," or let the buyer beware.
Steroid replacers: Let the buyer beware. National Strength and Conditioning Association Journal, 14(1), 14-19.
Of course, the usual pay with cash or check ("you look like a good crowd, so we know them checks'll be good"), and nothing is to be removed until "you've settled up." Unless otherwise indicated, all items will sell "where is as is." That's farm jargon for "let the buyer beware." Finally, he reminds the crowd that the local Methodist church is serving lunch and that a Port-A-Potty is located out back.
* Certification: There are two types of certified cars, so let the buyer beware. There are manufacturer certified cars that are backed by automakers such as Ford, BMW, and Toyota, and dealer certified cars, which are reconditioned and backed solely by the dealer.
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