let (one) know

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let (one) know

To tell or inform one (of or about something). Be sure to let me know if anything changes between now and then. I let the boss know about the development yesterday.
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let someone know (about something)

to tell someone something; to inform someone of something. Please let me know about it soon. Will you be coming to the picnic? Please let me know.
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let somebody ˈknow

tell somebody about something: I don’t know if I can come, but I’ll let you know soon.Let me know how I can help.
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References in classic literature ?
If she would but have let us know she was going out but there is a something about Fanny, I have often observed it before--she likes to go her own way to work; she does not like to be dictated to; she takes her own independent walk whenever she can; she certainly has a little spirit of secrecy, and independence, and nonsense, about her, which I would advise her to get the better of."
Bucket's eye and the masterly manner in which he contrived, without a look or a word against which his watchful auditor could protest, to let us know that he stated the case according to previous agreement and could say much more of Mr.
If you should hear of him, pray let us know, so that we may at least pay him the money which is due.'
Why didn't you let us know what time you'd be here, or call out the minute you came?
'Ay,' Jasper assents, with an air of interest; 'let us know why?'
If you don't want to come home, please let us know that you are okay."
To book your space at the lunch, purchase tickets for the museum and/or let us know that you will be coming to the AGM (all of which include access to Concorde), please contact nadine@ied.org.uk or ring the main office on 01373 822801.
Marie said: "Trevor, we need to know you're OK, we're all worried about you, just please let us know where you are."
Our members who have been with us for 25 and 35 years love talking with our staff and interns, and let us know they will always support the Network.
"Please let us know what you are interested in either by calling us on 029 2070 0444 or visiting www.srmotorspenarth.co.uk .
Dennis added: "We just want him to come home, if he can't do this we just want him to let us know he is safe and well." ?
Phone, text or Facebook, just please let us know you're OK."
"If there is crime or disorder taking place it's vital residents let us know.
Let us know how we're doing, how you feel and what you think.