Let's dump

let's dump (someone or something)

1. Let's abandon or get rid of someone or something. Let's just dump the pretenses and tell each other where we stand. I want this to be a smooth, efficient machine, so let's dump anyone who isn't giving it their absolute all.
2. Let's drop or discard of someone or something (some place). Let's dump our backpacks at my house and then head out on our bikes to the mall. We need some time to ourselves, so let's dump the kids with your mom for a few hours tomorrow.
See also: dump

Let's dump.

Sl. Let's go. It's late. Let's dump. Let's dump. I've still got a lot to do at home tonight.
See also: dump
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Let's dump the management consultants and replace them with medical consultants.
Come on, Valley, let's dump that place and do it right
For goodness' sake let's dump the wretched thing in the castle.
Let's dump the ashes of 2008 and focus on our new 2009 calendars.
Instead, let's dump them in the Westminster Jungle.
Let's dump the high rollers and get some common sense here.
Burberry saw bigger money signs ahead And said let's dump our workers and move abroad instead.
Let's dump him and give Gerrard and Lampard the room to play like they do for Liverpool and Chelsea.
Let's dump Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and John Prescott into camp.
Let's dump it all together and let people splash and play in the ocean.
Believe me, I'm not advocating we all start supporting England - I for one have no wish to mix with creatures (and I'm talking here about the drunken brutes who can destroy city centres) outside my own species - but let's dump the ancient baggage and applaud genuine quality no matter the colour of the shirt.
If the IRA wreck everything, as they are adept at doing, then let's dump it.
So let's dump the jobs-for-theboys fourth official and bring in a proper timekeeper.
I say let's dump the list system that half fills the Assembly with time-serving drones,' he added.
Let's dump these (in my opinion) idiots and get some real concerned individuals involved.