let's do lunch (sometime)

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let's do lunch (sometime)

Let's get together to meet and have lunch sometime in the future. A clichéd, noncommittal expression often associated with upper class people. A: "I'd love to sit down with you sometime and go over some ideas I have for the business." B: "Sure thing, kid. Let's do lunch—call my assistant to arrange a time." I really must run, darling, but I'd love to catch up with you soon. Let's do lunch sometime!
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Let’s do lunch

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Let’s do lunch (sometime)

and Let’s do the lunch thing
sent. Let us have lunch together sometime. Great seeing you, Martin, absolutely great. Let’s do lunch. Let’s do the lunch thing some time. Right, baby?
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I explained that Fred hadn't said "have lunch" or "eat lunch." His "Let's do lunch" had made it sound like a major production, a bit of a chore.
'Let's do lunch' now means a Perrier and a sandwich, a pale and depressing imitation of things past.
office tower in Newark, recently hosted nearly 100 businessmen and women for a "Let's Do Lunch" networking event sponsored by the Regional Business Partnership.