Let's do lunch

let's do lunch (sometime)

Let's get together to meet and have lunch sometime in the future. A clichéd, noncommittal expression often associated with upper class people. A: "I'd love to sit down with you sometime and go over some ideas I have for the business." B: "Sure thing, kid. Let's do lunch—call my assistant to arrange a time." I really must run, darling, but I'd love to catch up with you soon. Let's do lunch sometime!
See also: lunch
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Let’s do lunch

See also: lunch
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I explained that Fred hadn't said "have lunch" or "eat lunch." His "Let's do lunch" had made it sound like a major production, a bit of a chore.
'Let's do lunch' now means a Perrier and a sandwich, a pale and depressing imitation of things past.
office tower in Newark, recently hosted nearly 100 businessmen and women for a "Let's Do Lunch" networking event sponsored by the Regional Business Partnership.
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