Let's get together

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let's get together (sometime)

We should meet up or spend time together at some point in the future. I like your business proposal. Let's get together sometime and go over the finer details. Let's get together and work on our project this weekend.
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Let's get together (sometime).

a vague invitation to meet again, usually said upon departing. (The sometime can be a particular time or the word sometime.) Bill: Goodbye, Bob. Bob: See you, Bill. Let's get together sometime. Jane: We need to discuss this matter. John: Yes, let's get together next week.
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"Let's face it," he adds, "no one is going to say to each other, `Hey, let's get together for the next 10 years and promise that we'll grow together as spiritual beings.' It's too terrifying.
"For goodness sakes, let's get together; this is everybody's problem," he pleaded.
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