leave word

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leave word

To leave a message for one. I left word with the front desk when I came by to see you earlier.
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leave word (with someone)

Fig. to leave a message with someone (who will pass the message on to someone else). If you decide to go to the convention, please leave word with my secretary. Leave word before you go. I left word with your brother. Didn't he give you the message?
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leave word

Leave a message, as in Please leave word at the desk when you check out, or I left word abut my plans with the secretary; didn't she tell you? This expression employs word in the sense of "information," a usage dating from the 10th century.
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leave ˈword (with somebody)

leave a message with somebody: He left word with his secretary about where to contact him if necessary.
See also: leave, word
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Type A: Move the rightmost letter to the left word edge example: AEGEAN Type B: Move the leftmost letter to the right edge example: GNOMON Type C: Move either the leftmost letter to the right edge or the rightmost letter to the left edge example: PAPA
left word at those places where she came from and where they might have more'.
To prevent the Fascists from clothing his corpse in a black shirt and the church from master-minding his funeral, Pirandello left word that he be allowed to go naked and alone out of the world: "The cart, the horse, the coachman, e basta.
On his last visit to Mik's home, Cal left word that that there was a prospective buyer for the tractor.
But he has left word at the JJB Stadium "to get Milner," although it might prove difficult to persuade the winger that this is where his future lies.
The two investors flew back yesterday to Beijing but left word that they would be available for talks anytime with Philippine officials and potential local business partners.
Reece Williams, three, with the ball, above ON TARGET: One-year-old Frankie Halton gets some help as he shoots at goal, left WORD CUP FEVER: Above from left are three-year-olds Katie Lane-Cox, Warren Williams and Ellie Gibson-Powell, all from Ormesby, left is Lily Parks, two, below is Amber Hairlam, two FOOTBALL MAD: Right is two-year-old Phoebe Norster, and above Kaycey Corner, three, kicks the ball NOISY FUN: Jayden Dalton, two in his England glasses, above, and blowing her mini-vuvuzela is Lara O'Connor, four, as she gets into the World Cup spirit, left
Consequently, just as the denial of allegory left words and things with few ways of pointing toward divine meaning, the denial of teleology left individual people with no sure way of directing their capacities toward divine purposes.
Anne's best friend Debbie Evans, 42, from Eston, left words of comfort in a memory book to Anne.
10: As the temperature that day had risen to 35 degrees, the printers on the Boulevard Bourdon left words, sentences, and sometimes entire passages out of their composition work.
Still, one might well ask why here, as elsewhere, Miller has left words like "companeras", "picana" of "incomunicada" in Spanish.
last letter of left words and initial letter of right words) and the central fixation point was between 1.