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lay up

1. To cause someone to need to rest in order to recover or recuperate, as from illness or injury. A noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "up." Man, that flu laid me up for a week. All I did was sleep and eat chicken soup!
2. To obtain and stock something to keep in reserve. A noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "up." If I'm going to have 50 kids in my house next week, I better lay up a supply of paper towels now!
3. To damage (a ship, typically). A noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "up." A collision will lay your ship up for days, if not longer.
4. To dock a vessel to repair damage. A noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "up." You need to lay that boat up and fix the sail.
5. To intentionally restrict one's golf swing, as to avoid an obstacle. I laid up so that I wouldn't hit the rogue golf cart.
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basketball A shot made when a player is close to the basket, often by banking the ball off the backboard. The other team's defensive breakdown allowed me to score an easy layup.
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lay someone up

to cause someone to be ill in bed. A broken leg laid me up for two months. Flu laid up everyone at work for a week or more.
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lay something up

1. to acquire and store something. Try to lay as much of it up as you can. I am trying to lay up some firewood for the winter.
2. [for something] to disable something. The accident laid up the ship for repairs. A wreck laid the bus up for months.
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lay up

1. To store or stock something for future use: We must lay up many supplies for our long journey. We bought a bushel of seed and laid half of it up for planting next year.
2. To confine someone with an illness or injury: A bad flu can lay you up for two weeks. Yellow fever laid up many of the people who worked on the Panama Canal. I was laid up for a month.
3. To put some sailing vessel in dock, as for repairs: We laid up the ship in Anchorage for six months. Let's lay the boat up at the next port.
4. To dock for repairs: The sailboat laid up in Charleston to have the rigging fixed.
5. To hit a golf shot less far than one is able so as to avoid a hazard: I was afraid of hitting the sand trap, so I laid up a bit.
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A free throw by Darren DeSena cut it to 14-3, but Doherty scored the next six points, on a 3 by Saya, a free throw by Jamal Mustapha (8 points) and a layup by Berry to make it 20-5.
A steal and layup by Mustapha with less than two minutes to play gave the hosts their first lead, 13-12.
Moments later, Aulenback canned a layup and buried two free throws to up the Colonials' lead to 40-27.
In the second quarter, between Cressman's early 3-pointer and her layup with 4:40 left, most of Nashoba's shots fell short or clanged off the rim, while the Warriors steadily moved in front, 24-15.
Important details for the shooter: (1) jump-stop outside the lane to avoid a three-second violation on the pull-up jumper; (2) protect the layup attempt by keeping the body between the ball and the defender on the shot after the crossover dribble.
Oregon's first field goal was a layup by Cathrine Kraayeveld and its last was a layup by Shaquala Williams.
The Trojans pushed the pace in the second half, repeatedly beating the Bison down the court for layups and second-chance shots.
So it was layup, layup, layup, 3-ball," Harden said.
Junior guard Randall White buried a 3, and Bennett made back-to-back layups, the second off a pretty pass from Gabrielli, to highlight the spurt.
SINCE EVERY BASKETBALL team runs some kind of fast break that includes running, passing, catching, layups, and shooting.
A driving layup by Ziegler and a tip-in by Jackson Connor gave Marion a five-point lead and layups by Frankie Horner and Ziegler helped Marion go into halftime with a 36-29 lead.
Perpetual Help's Jielo Razon and Tonton Peralta running suicides after missing easy layups in a 57-45 win over Arellano.
Before entering into the secondary break, various opportunities may arise for wide open shots or layups. Options to look for in Diag.
I've seen a few of those missed layups," Nichols said with a sigh of relief.
Garcia drove twice to the basket, and hit as many layups in the final 1:22 that propelled TNT to a 90-85 win over the Picanto.