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CardioScan premium luxury software was used for analysis of ventricular late potentials.
Previous research by R3 has found late payment is a primary or major factor in one-in-five UK corporate insolvencies.
Now in its ninth year The Late Shows is an after dark programme of events and exhibitions focusing on cultural venues in Newcastle Gateshead that are usually closed in the evening.
IT'S RTE's flagship programme so why does The Late Late Show keep recycling the same tired old guests?
AN RTE boss yesterday admitted he pulled the plug on a health service critic going on The Late Late Show - hours after the Government complained about it.
MORE than a third of Birmingham firms quizzed in a survey said late payment was the biggest threat to their business, with nearly 8,000 jobs a year lost due to defaulters.
It occurs when a mutual fund or intermediary permits an investor to purchase fund shares "late," after the day's NAV has been calculated, as though the purchase order had been placed before the NAV was calculated.
These three books contribute in very different ways to understanding the late medieval and early modern church and the evolution of Catholic reform.
New legislation is failing to stem the rising tide of late payments experienced by small businesses in the Midlands.
Russian peasant agriculture in the late nineteenth century had a variety of problems, and for many Russian peasants one way around them was to find a way off the farm.
Forster attributes his status as a "late bloomer" to the fact that the practice of normative architecture constrained his artistic creativity for years.
The number of people categorized under the umbrella of being in late adulthood, or as "senior marketplace," is exploding.
TV3 bosses NEVER expected to beat the Late Late Show in a ratings war, the Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal.
Tommaso Campanella - rebel, philosopher, prophet, poet, and prisoner - is surely one of the most extraordinary figures of the late Italian Renaissance.