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(as) happy as a clam

Very joyful and contented. Look at your sister out there! She's happy as a clam now that she's back in the starting lineup again. I know I'll be as happy as a clam once I get this stupid cast off my leg.
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(as) happy as Larry

In very good spirits. The phrase's origin is unknown, but it may refer to Australian boxer Larry Foley. I was as happy as Larry when I found out that I'd gotten an A on my hardest exam.
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(as) happy as the day is long

Very happy; contented. I've been happy as the day is long ever since we moved to the countryside. Johnny's in a bit of a bad mood, but just give him a new toy to play with and he'll be as happy as the day is long.
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be as happy as Larry

To be in very good spirits. The phrase's origin is unknown, but it may refer to Australian boxer Larry Foley. I was as happy as Larry when I found out that I'd gotten an A on my hardest exam.
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Larry Leadfoot

slang One who drives excessively or dangerously fast in a car. The phrase is based on the expression "have a lead foot," meaning to have a tendency to speed when driving. The image is that of one's foot being made of lead, which is very heavy, and thus pushing down on the accelerator. I've always been a bit of a Larry Leadfoot when I get behind the wheel, so I've gotten my fair share of speeding tickets. Some Larry Leadfoot went flying past me on the interstate and nearly careered into a truck.
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happy as Larry

If you are as happy as Larry, you are very happy. I gave her a police badge to wear on her sleeve and she was as happy as Larry. Note: `Larry' may refer to the successful Australian boxer Larry Foley (1847-1917). Alternatively, `Larry' may come from `larrikin', a 19th century word for a hooligan or ruffian, used mainly in Australia.
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(as) happy as the day is ˈlong/as a ˈclam/as ˈLarry

(informal) very happy: Grandpa’s as happy as a clam helping the children to fly their kites.
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