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It's clear to me that without direct access to a physical ballot and meaningful transparency in the process, our elections have no integrity whatsoever," says Landes.
Existing Landes journals include "Annexins," "Cancer Biology & Therapy," "Cell Cycle," "Organogenesis" and "RNA Biology.
I don't have another six months to waste,'' Stan Landes said.
Stanley possesses a unique building trade," said Landes.
As Adam Smith said in 1776, so Landes in 1998: Leave people alone, enforce the laws justly, provide a few public goods, and in 50 years Scotland can be as wealthy as Holland, or Korea as wealthy as France.
Yet in the end I felt as cheated by Landes as I did by The Commanding Heights.
The park had gotten a lot of complaints that employees weren't friendly, courteous to visitors," Landes says.
Landes recently served as President of Nutritional Products Group providing services to the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, personal care, environmental, functional and traditional food industries.
Landes is the best thing about the show, exuding a cheeky sardonicism that insists no one take this too seriously.
Landes was involved in the start-up and incubation of Putnam's hedge fund program beginning in 2000, and was responsible with Mr.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Lynn Landes hosts a new radio talk show, tonight, called, IT'S YOUR ENVIRONMENT.
announces that Debbie Landes has been promoted to regional vice president of our Technical Risk Division in Houston, Texas.
Landes has been hired to the positions of Chief Executive Officer and President.
Landes as senior vice president, a newly created position.