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lager lout

A loud, obnoxious drunk man. Primarily heard in UK. When I went to England, I accidentally ended up in a pub filled with lager louts.
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a ˈlager lout

(British English) a young man who drinks too much alcohol and then behaves in a noisy and unpleasant way: The police are planning to crack down on lager louts this summer.
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Several examples on offer showed the astonishing ability of lager to shatter perceptions, such as one produced by the infectiously enthusiastic Agostino Arioli who founded brewpub Birrificio Italiano north of Milan in 1994 with his brother Stefano.
China remained a boom region for the brewer, with a 22 per cent rise in lager volumes.
The Wrexham Brewery was one of the first in the UK to produce lager, some of its bottles being served up on the Titanic.
All you have to do is take the voucher with this article into the the pub and you will receive your free glass with the first pint of Cains Lager you buy.
Premium lager, with an alcohol content over 4.5 per cent, is the biggest success story.
"I wouldn't expect this much aroma and flavor from a lager. I really like this, it's a beer I would drink at home."
Sudaghara Dusanj, joint managing director of Cains, said: "Until now, there hasn't been a great premium British lager available on the market.
This trend accelerated from the early 70s and now lager is our number one drink, taking 70pc of the beer market.
Appetizing, quenching, satisfying and refreshing, these and many other premium lagers offer it all, whether the drinker is a beer novice looking for something different but with a hint of the familiar or a full-fledged geek anxious to shake off some outdated beer prejudices.
The move could be considered controversial because Cains is renowned for its real ales, but beer writer Roger Protz has tasted the lager throughout production and given it his blessing.
Afterwards, chief executive Colin Povey said, "Everybody shares the aim of keeping Wrexham Lager alive and repatriating it.
THIS golden Czech lager should be served in tall glasses to retain the sparkle.
This straw/gold lager from the Caribbean has a faint haziness, but apart from that seems to be in perfect condition, with a strongly hopped, faintly malty nose.
Thirsty Scots drink so much lager it's now our other, other national drink.
St Austell Korev Cornish Lager, 4.8% ABV, PS2/500ml bottle, available at Marks & Spencer THE St Austell Brewery was founded in 1851 in the town of the same name and is still owned by descendants of the founder, Walter Hicks.