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lager lout

A loud, obnoxious drunk man. Primarily heard in UK. When I went to England, I accidentally ended up in a pub filled with lager louts.
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a ˈlager lout

(British English) a young man who drinks too much alcohol and then behaves in a noisy and unpleasant way: The police are planning to crack down on lager louts this summer.
See also: lager, lout
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What seems to make it lager, among other things, is a cooler brewing temperature than most ales.
We've all had our share of Sam Adams Boston Lager over the years, but it has become such a part of the landscape that it's been awhile since our tasters evaluated the beer on its merits.
Premium lager re-fermented with Champagne yeast for a cleaner, drier and more refreshing taste.
In the event that more than one person submits the winning suggestion, the names will be placed into a draw and one entry pulled out at random to receive the year's free supply of lager.
And since that heady day, lager has lapped over the North Sea and the English Channel with such force that it has overtaken traditional British ales as the drink of choice.
5 units of alcohol - twice as strong as normal lager and well above the Government's recommended safe limit of three to four units a day for men and two to three for women.
After fermentation, the beer is stored at cold temperatures for periods ranging from a few days for an ale to a few weeks for a lager, Finally, the beer is filtered, further carbonated, and packaged.
The brothers' cask lager is the first British premium strength lager.
Mark Kidd, 33, nurse, Heaton: I normally prefer lager and I do like the blonde one best because it tastes like other blonde lagers.
Marzen or bronze lagers found during Oktoberfest have whisky, sweet-spice flavors that pair well with most roasted preparations like chicken.
TWO British lagers make an appearance among 43 beers at this weekend's Newcastle Arms Beer Festival (St Andrews Street, Newcastle, telephone 0191 260-2490 for details):
SAB - the brewing giant behind lagers including Pilsner Urquell and Miller Genuine Draft - said higher input and business investment costs would counteract the increase, but added interim results were set to be in line with management expectations.