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ladybug, ladybug, fly away home

A children's rhyme said as a chant to shoo away the ladybug beetle. The full rhyme goes "ladybug, ladybug, fly away home, your house is on fire and your children will burn," an allusion to the practice of farmers burning their fields after the harvest. In British English, "ladybird" is typically used instead of "ladybug." A: "Look! A ladybug landed on your arm." B: "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!"
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ladybug ladybug, fly away home

A chant to send a ladybug on its way. The ladybug (or ladybird) beetle is helpful to farmers by reducing the number of harmful larvae and insects on crops. In certain parts of the English-speaking world, farmers chanted right before they burned their fields after harvest, “Ladybug ladybug, fly away home / Your house is on fire, your children alone [or your children are gone].” Some people still recite the verse when a ladybug lands on them and before gently flicking the insect off them, because swatting a ladybug is considered very bad luck.
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Mature ladybugs will feed on 20 to 25 aphids per day, but their late-stage larvae will consume 10 times that number, making them far more effective predators, he said.
A ladybug's protective shell opens upward like the doors of a Lamborghini before its delicate wings unfold and carry it away.
Now, an Agricultural Research Service patent on Allen's invention could open the door to a commercial-scale procedure insectaries can use to mass-produce the ladybug's eggs for release in home gardens, commercial greenhouses, and crop fields where they would prey on the aphids, spider mites, and other plant-damaging pests lurking there.
Ladybugs are unrelenting predators, killing hundreds of tiny herbivore insects called aphids every day.
Common ladybugs tend to have fewer spots than Asian lady beetles.
Edge-stitch using machine satin stitch or free-motion stitching as Bea did (Diagram II) to complete Ladybug Block.
So, this year on TJ's birthday, I hosted Ladybug Celebration Week, a celebration of kids with medical differences around the world (I think of them as ladybugs).
So we learn quite a bit of entomology along the way, including that lovebugs are flies, not bugs, and ladybugs are more correctly called ladybird beetles.
I can only give advice and you guys know I always give my young little ladybugs my most precious advice, which is to stay a child.
Decorate your ladybugs. Hang them from a ribbon to make a necklace, or attach them to earring wires.
Hannah's ladybugs--While driving though downtown Winnipeg with her mother, five-year-old Hannah Taylor was shocked to see her first homeless man: "Mommy, why is that man eating out of a garbage can?" She began raising money to help the homeless by inviting people to put their change into jars she painted to look like ladybugs, "because ladybugs bring good luck." Now 13 years old, Hannah has raised over a million dollars through her Ladybug Foundation and continues to spread her message that the homeless are "great people, wrapped in old clothes with sad hearts.
ladybugs gliding in the air To turn New York City Into a breathing map
Rallying to the bugs' aid, in 2000 Cornell researchers coordinated with 4-H Master Gardeners to survey ladybugs in the state of New York.
On a warm day, massive numbers of hungry ladybugs may take flight (Hodek et al., 1993; Majerus and Majerus, 1996).
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