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A constellation of clinical history, examination, microbial isolate, and radiologic findings of thrombosis is used to label the patient with LS or LLS. It is characterized by (1) a history of recent oropharyngeal infection, (2) clinical or radiological evidence of internal jugular vein thrombosis (IJVT), and (3) isolation of a pathogen [3].
The LLS does not look like either of these chronicles.
Section 2.1 describes the LLS and MMT standards used in the broadcasting system of ATSC 3.0.
HA SER LER [HA.sup.1] 1 -0.1899 0.6352 ** [SER.sup.2] 0.7729** 1 0.5028* [LER.sup.3] 0.8915** 0.8661** 1 [LAR.sup.4] 0.728** 0.7169 ** 0.6922 ** [LLS.sup.5] -0.8371** -0.853* -0.8407 ** LAR LLS [HA.sup.1] 0.0873 -0.2090 [SER.sup.2] -0.0635 -0.3837 [LER.sup.3] -0.1823 -0.1480 [LAR.sup.4] 1 -0.7315 ** [LLS.sup.5] -0.8929 ** 1 (1) Herbage accumulation; (2) Stem elongation rate; (3) Leaf elongation rate; (4) Leaf appearance rate; (5) Leaf lifespan; *,** : statistically significant by the t test at 5% and 1% of probability level, respectively; n = 24 pairs.
This action-research inquiry, therefore, aimed to improve the LLS use and English language performance of 33 first-year pre-service language teachers through the cognitive academic language learning approach (CALLA) and task-based language teaching (TBLT) methodology.
"Our programs, priorities and policies are driven by what is right for patients," stated Louis DeGennaro, president and chief executive officer of the LLS. "In collaboration with Walgreens, we are making an impact on the health care of the more than 1.2 million people in the U.S.
To achieve this goal, supra-national institutions, such as the EU, have recently begun to offer technical support to the creation of LLs. In this way, unfruitful projects can be avoided, as the resources to be leveraged are available from the start, as in cross-border innovation (Schaffers and Turkama, 2012).
Eventually, in predictable reaction, 'Bobby' on his way to becoming 'Cal' (for Caligula) manages to have himself expelled from this elderly Eden, the Public Garden, by his resident angel, Officer Lever, for bloodying "Bulldog Binney's nose against the pedestal of George Washington's statue" and for pelting "a little enemy ring of third graders with wet fertilizer" (LLS: 31).
LLS is the world's largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer.
LLs, appointed by the Secretary of State, provide advice and guidance about effective leadership within the context of Department culture and mentor EAG leaders.
A hopeless task because as fast as one site is cleared it lls up again.
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Light Louisiana Sweet (LLS), a marker for light, sweet crude on the Gulf Coast, is getting stronger instead of weaker versus Brent, signalling that refiners are prepared to pay even higher prices for crude -- domestic or foreign -- despite seemingly abundant supplies from Texas's Eagle Ford and Permian Basin.